When Does It End?

Not so long ago, I worked for a small General Contractor construction company. We built a wonderful home in Sausalito, CA. And, I mean “WONDERFUL.” About 25% in to the project the Structural Concrete Contractor hired to do all of the excavation and foundation work, decides that he is going to file bankruptcy on us, creating about a 130k loss to us as the General for the project. Well, at the time I was not too concerned about it because I was unaware of the loss amount, and what our potential profit was expected to be. To top it off, Bankruptcy Laws protected the jerk that left us hanging and even my attempts to seek criminal charges against him failed.

Then the I.R.S decides to take a pot shot at us. Because my boss did not listen to me regarding running a legal payroll and such, the I.R.S. slaps accessed taxes with penalties of over $160,000.00 on the company. Then the I.R.S. Agent decides to pay attention to my taxes. The end result is about $6,000.00 taxes, penalties not yet applied, to me. My top taxable income for the three years audited was $17,000.00 approximately. Anything below 30k a year is below poverty level. I did not make enough money to have to pay such taxation. Now, the government in its glory is going to rape me for the last of my dignity by taking every penny they can to collect these taxes from me.

Somebody tell me. I’m 55 years old. I own nothing. I have no real job that I can count on, and I am on the last few years of my life. Now the government is going to take everything they can, leaving me with less to live on than I have barely survived with in the past. Why the fuck should I continue on? What do I have to look forward to?  I will be living on the street, alone, and probably have to do so until my death.

But, I am optimistic about it. I could always win the lottery . . .

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