Awe, C’mon

What a bunch of crap! I have been trying to pick up a few bucks playing Limousine Driver. I have been working hard, any hours needed, and playing the “role” of the dutiful “chauffer” to this gentleman that professes to be a TV Producer. And suddenly I have not been needed the past three days. I go in to get paid tonight and end up getting paid less than half the pay due me, because the “Big-Time” TV Producer does not have adequate funds to pay me.

When I got there I discovered a new guy was going to be sitting in my drivers seat, and surprisingly the guy was just meeting the Producer to get hired this evening, but somehow already had a key to the limousine in his pocket. And, the new guy arrived at the office close to 30 minutes before the Producer did. What a bunch of shit.

It is okay though. I cannot make up my mind if the TV Producer is a fraud or not. He cannot afford to pay me, does not spend but 1 day out of 7 doing any work, spends 6 of 7 nights running around the City trying to impress everyone what an important person he is, and from what I have observed he does absolutely nothing to generate a true income. Is this guy a “con-artist” or a “gangster” supported by an unseen source. I do not know. Regardless, next week it will be the new guy trying to collect his pay, not me.

I do not have to shoot myself in the foot, life is already doing it for me . . .

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