I Am So Proud,

Of our little girl. What the hell am I talking about. She’s an adult now. Regardless, she was “scorching hot” at her “Mock Trial” session tonight at the Court House. Mock Trial is a competition gig the local High Schools do every year. Groups of students from each of the schools compete in doing “Court” acts as though real Attorney’s, Defendants, Witnesses, and other Court participants.

Our daughter was one of the Defense Attorney’s tonight. She got a hold of one of the witnesses for the Prosecution on the stand, and left the poor kid a “blubbering idiot” by the time she was done with him. She did it so impressively that the Judge overseeing the competition had to compliment her doing so at the end of the session. And, I have to admit this is a side to her I have never seen before, and I am seriously impressed.

She was definitely the “star” tonight. She certainly made me proud of her. Just when you think you have done nothing worthwhile with your life, you discover maybe you actually have. I tell you one thing. If she does go into Law as a career, folks better make sure she is on their side.

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