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Well, I never heard  anything from the Insurance Commissioners Office regarding my complaint about our Insurer. I did however get a call from a gal that works for our Insurance Company that offered to carry my documents to the Audit office to try to resolve the issue. I agreed and after asking for her email address, promised to email her the documents within about 30 minutes and did so. I described the entire situation in the email I sent her.

Last year we were contacted regarding this audit. We gave them figures based on what we knew and what we believed the future held. But, failed to remove the loss figures created by our Structural Concrete contractor abandoning the job incomplete, filing bankruptcy, and leaving us with unpaid material suppliers. The guesstimated audit total of $1,330,000.00 included this loss. Our calculated loss was $80,000.00 due to Demex Engineering, the aforementioned contractor, and $38,000.00 in legal fees necessary to secure the Building Permit, for a total of $118,000.00. This reduces the audit amount to $1,228,500.00. 
I have argued this necessary modification to the audit figures since the initial charge for such was sent to us last year. And technically, as both myself and Mr. Baldorj were drawing pay prior to the Building Permit attained, our payroll and expense is also a "loss" for us, as is the first two or so months of your insurance policy. We were paying for a policy, being developed from July on. The final policy accepted by the City was maybe two months later. Why we were required to pay for a policy that did not meet the requirements, failed to satisfy the City requirements, and failed to get Permit approval is beyond me. But, go with the $1,228,500.00 Cost Evaluation figure.
Attached are documents relative to this topic. If you have additional questions please call me via my cell phone at 510-688-5488. I’m on my motorcycle and will call you back as soon as I see you called.

I also sent her the following documents:





It is presently after 3:00PM and I have yet to receive a return call from her or anybody else for that matter.

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