Another exciting aspect of my life is MMOG Games, of which I play numerous. Pirate Galaxy is probably the best game I have played in years. I created the Solar Outcasts Brigade on the US Solaria Server close to two years ago, and although I no longer am the Clan Admiral, it is still the best clan on the server and the best in the game.

Initially we were the strongest and largest clan on the server. But, that leads to boring. We spent the better part of a year trying to help build an enemy strong enough to compete against us, and the last part of last year trying to obtain a server balance so no clan held the entire server. We succeeded but then it got stupid.

A couple of months back, we were attacked from within. This was done by one of my closest friends in the game and threw me for a loop. I do not want to sound all mushy and crap, but I trusted this guy, he was my “Bud” and I could not believe he was key to the conspiracy that had started months prior. They almost destroyed S.O.B. and really fucked up the game for me. I do not mean they defeated us or anything. It is more like I just have lost the fun I used to have in the game. I think mainly due to my not playing with my buddies like I used to.

Anyway, really cool game if you want to have a really fun game to play. Check it out at http://pirategalaxy.com if you are interested. Join the S.O.B. clan as soon as you can, we will take care of you.


Truthfully, the PG Trailer above does not do the game justice. The game is so much better than this video makes it look.  This is a seriously fun game folks. Between the game demands, player interaction, and the adversity between certain clans you may not find a moments peace unless you hide yourself on a secluded planet for a bit. This game will get your heart pounding and keep you on the edge of your seat for months and months.

The game is set  up so that you are a space ship pilot traveling the solar systems fighting the evil mantis bug ships that are everywhere, fighting your fellow humans should they be in other alliance, and trying to rank/level up to a higher rank. You collect blueprints (weapons/devices) and cryonite (money) on your travels and I seriously doubt that you can find a better MMOG game available today. You can even play it for free if you want.

Try it out. Go to http://pirategalaxy.com and register to the game. Download the game client, or use the web site version of the game. Open the game, create a player name and password on the game, and then contact anyone in the S.O.B. (Solar Outcasts Brigade) clan. After that let us guide you through a few hours of non-stop excitement playing the game. Then decide if I am right or not.

Even if you have never played a game like this before . . . What am I saying, there are no other games like Pirate Galaxy. Not a single game available today can compare to Pirate Galaxy. If you go and try the game, tell them that “datajam/WRichards” sent you. I have work to do, gotta go.

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