U.S. News – Banished: US deports hundreds of military veterans


U.S. News – Banished: US deports hundreds of military veterans

This is ridiculous. You mean to tell me that the non-citizen soldier that saved the life, or defended the life of a fellow soldier under color of the US Military, has to worry about U.S. citizenship? Are you people stupid? They DO NOT need to become U.S. Citizens, they are U.S. Hero’s.

And, the idea that we as a Country do not tolerate the U.S. Soldier that comes back home a little troubled, is just as offensive. Believe me, there is no such thing as a Soldier returning from war, not troubled. And, if ever a Veteran tells you he is not troubled, get him to see a Doctor, because he is either deceiving you or himself.

Any American that supports the deportation of anyone that has served in any branch of the U.S. Military during a time of war or even police-action, is a disgrace. If you support a Politician that supports such deportation, consider supporting a different Politician, and let him know about the change. And, if you are an honorable "Officer of the Court" where this man and others are being held in Custody, do something about it. These men DO NOT belong in "Custody" anywhere. And, if they require supervised or restricted movement, put them on a military base and treat them as the hero’s they are.

The mere thought that we would subject any man/woman that wore a uniform of this Country to such action, disgusts me. And, it should disgust all of you also.

Has anybody asked the people that served with these guys what they think of their fellow soldier being subjected to this type of action? Well, wait until somebody discovers that the guy they just deported to a country he has no place in, was decorated for saving a few of his fellow soldiers during combat, suffers from nightmares ever since, and has never been given the proper care and/or treatment from the Veterans Administration since his return from the war. This Country sucks when it comes to respect and care of their military personnel. Ask any Vietnam Veteran, not only did our Government fail us but so did our citizenry.

Here is the article that brought about my concern for this topic:

 U.S. News – Banished: US deports hundreds of military veterans

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