Rock throwers set trap, injure Livermore officer


Rock throwers set trap, injure Livermore officer

There is reason to believe that our society has fallen to its lowest. This story is about some idiots that thought they would be cool and set a trap for someone by creating a “road-block” out of concrete blocks at an underpass in Livermore. What they got was a Livermore Police Officer that stopped to clear the blockage at about 2:30 AM.

When the Police Officer exited his vehicle to clear the road-block, people atop the overpass pelted him with large pieces of concrete from above. Of course, the Officer was injured. What if it was not their intent to harm the Police Officer? What if their intent was a specific target that might be traveling that road at about that time? It is possible their intent was a “random” target, but what if it was not?

I think the citizens of Livermore that travel that road at that time of the morning should be thankful the Police Officer was the one that found the trap first. Because if he hadn’t, who would have been the victim? I do not mean to understate the threat to the Police or anyone else in a field of employ that provides emergency services. And, I think it cause for the severest of punishment for the offenders in this situation, who when apprehended should be charged with more than “assault” for their crime.

And never fear, these people will be apprehended. Because, at least one of them fears going to jail, at least one of them will boast about being part of it, and because the Cops are going to pissed about it until somebody is brought to answer for the crime. Most assuredly, the offenders will get caught.

The reason this article caught my attention was because a similar situation happened to me back in the late 80’s. I had just gone off-duty as a Correctional Officer at San Quentin. It was close to midnight and I was riding home on my motorcycle passing through the back side of Richmond on my way to Pinole when I stopped at a Stop Sign. As I started to take off a young black kid on the side of the street hollered “He’s White!” and suddenly I was being hit by bricks thrown from the sides of the street, by at least four different people.

Thank the good Lord that I was wearing a helmet, because at least two of the bricks hit my head area, the windshield on my bike caught one, and the fourth hit my right hand. My injuries were not that serious. My hand was swollen for a few days. But fortunately, there was no serious injury.

It did however, scare the hell out of me. And, to this day I ask why did it happen? What event triggered these people to target me? I know it goes without saying that the incident had racial motivations, but why? It could not have had anything to do with my employ as my uniform was concealed very well beneath my riding gear. I never did learn why or what had happened to set these people to just attack me driving through their neighborhood. There was no “Rodney King” yet. It was not a special date relative to black culture, and I could find nothing that would justify such attack.

But the one thing I was grateful for, was that it happened to me instead of someone less capable of dealing with the attack. Of all the people that traveled through that intersection on that day, I got to be the target. Looking back now, I still feel the same. Better me than someone else that may have sustained more serious injury.

End of story . . .   

Here’s a link to the article subject of my article:

Rock throwers set trap, injure Livermore officer

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