Austin police release surveillance video of ‘baby-sitting while white’ incident


Austin police release surveillance video of ‘baby-sitting while white’ incident

A few days ago I listed a number of news stories that I felt were worthy of mention because it seems as though the world is going to hell, in a hand-basket. This story:

White Texas grandfather handcuffed for ‘babysitting’ black granddaughter

appears to be 9/10’s fabrication by the grandfather. It really is an abuse of the Law Enforcement Officers that not only did their job, but apparently did so correctly.

I recall a similar incident a few years back in which I was a motorist minding my own business driving down a busy street. Suddenly, a number of police cars, marked and unmarked, sped around me and immediately braked causing all traffic to stop. Officers quickly exited their vehicles with weapons drawn, but did not turn back towards me.  Further in front of me, in between other police vehicles was a white sedan, with a older white man and a maybe 2 year old girl. I do not know for sure the reason for the police stop on this individual, but assume it was a case of suspected child abduction.

This grandfather subject of this story, was treated wonderfully in comparison to the incident I had witnessed in my past. Frankly, I salute the Police Chief for his rebuttal to the grandfathers posted blog. And, I apologize if my post of the grandfathers headline to my blog was read by anyone that formed an opinion negative to any of the responding Law Enforcement Officers or Agencies.

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