World Blog – Mexican journalist on drug lords: "If they’re going to kill you, they’re going to kill you’#c62808929


World Blog – Mexican journalist on drug lords: "If they’re going to kill you, they’re going to kill you’#c62808929

People are being killed because of Mexican Drug Cartels in such high numbers that it is hard to believe we have not declared war on Mexico. Why does this continue to happen? We are the reason! We need to be the solution. And, if along the way we fix some other problems . . .

This is the response to the article noted above, that I posted on their web site:

    “Where you folks are missing the resolution to this issue, is in not seeing the WHOLE picture.

  1. The U.S. spends more money on the war on drugs than almost any other program.

  2. War on drugs money sent to other countries is used by corrupt officials and/or criminals.

  3. U.S. drug users, are going to buy drugs. Millions of dollars spent doing so.

  4. The only people making money off illegal drugs sales are corrupt officials and criminals.

  5. U.S. citizens are being incarcerated in record numbers for use of drugs.

  6. Incarceration does not hinder, stop, or prevent drug usage.

  7. Since January 1, 2012 until this moment, Saturday, February 25, 2012 2:11:54 AM, the government has already spent $8,171,677,557 of taxpayer money, on a "Drug War" that has a record of failure unequaled in history.

  8. Currently every state in the U.S. is having financial difficulty.

        The solution is simple.

  1. Take all the tax money wasted on the war on drugs and put it back in the budget for things it can be better spent on.

  2. Stop sending people to jail for drug usage.

  3. Create programs to educate and treat drug usage issues. More jobs!

  4. Take the drug sales away from the criminals and let legitimate tax paying business sell the drugs. MORE JOBS.

  5. AND, TAX THE HECK OUT OF DRUG SALES. We already tax the heck out of Alcohol and tobacco sales, why not drugs.

We will not ever stop anything buy prohibition. Our society thrives on prohibition. It no longer requires marketing, prohibit it, it will sell itself. It is "cool" to buy and do dope because the government says you can’t. This alone guarantees an ever growing customer base for the drug cartels. In essence, our government is the chief marketer for drug abuse.

The only way to reduce the impact of drug abuse in the U.S. is to contain it. Contain it, treat it, and profit from it. Remember when it used to be cool to smoke cigarettes? Prohibition of tobacco was not even a consideration. And, stupid local governments with their forcing strict smoking laws are going to make it "cool" to smoke again. There is no other solution to the crime, killings, lost taxes, wasted taxes, useless incarceration of our young, and need for jobs that drugs can provide, but legalization and taxation. And, if we wait 10 more years before we realize this, we will spend 10 more years creating a more serious problem than need exist, right here in the U.S. What do you think the Mexican Drug Cartels are going to do when R.J. Reynolds can legally grow and distribute pot? They won’t have any reason to kill anymore, and maybe Mexico will stop illegal trafficking and become lawful business, paying taxes to the Mexican Government.

And, the bright spot in legalization is the cost to tax payers will be significantly reduced. Kids won’t be sent to jail and their lives destroyed because they got high on a Saturday night. And, think of all the new jobs that legalization would create. Treatment Programs, Education Programs, Distribution, Agriculture, Pharmaceuticals, Medical, Sales, and Marketing. Anybody that can not see the immediate benefits of legalization of drugs is blind.”

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