U.S. News – Border Patrol: Agents fire back at drug traffickers in Mexico


U.S. News – Border Patrol: Agents fire back at drug traffickers in Mexico

Here we go again. This is an interesting article. The topic is marijuana and the bad guys and Customs Officers exchanging gunfire at the border. In the recent past, Customs/Border Patrol Officers have snagged about 8200lbs. of the devils weed from the bad guys, at a value of approximately $6.3 million. My question is: How long are we going to allow this to continue?

Do you know who the criminal is here and what crimes are being committed? I’ll bet you think it’s the bad guys trying to smuggle pot across the border, don’t you? WRONG! The United States Government is the criminal. Their crime is conspiracy to defraud the U.S. out of the applicable taxation for the import of that marijuana, and conspiracy to endanger public safety by leaving the import of such product in the hands of foreign criminals. Additional crimes being committed may be conspiracy to prevent lawful business and lower unemployment, and conspiracy to reduce our standard of living.

Okay, what am I talking about? Why in the name of Uncle Sam are we spending millions upon millions of dollars trying to stop drugs from being imported into this country? All we are doing is creating un-necessary violence, spending tax money that could be better used elsewhere, and letting criminals get rich. That is all we are doing.

So, why are we not stopping the violence by legalization of drugs. In this case, were pot legal,

  1. There would be no gunfire at the border.
  2. The wasted tax money on a failed “war on drugs” would not be spent.
  3. Lawful business on both sides of the border would be paying the applicable taxation to their governments.
  4. Unemployed people on both sides of the border would be able to work lawful jobs, earning a living and paying the applicable taxes to their governments.
  5. The imported marijuana would be delivered to a processing and packaging plant where it would be prepared for lawful taxable retail sale, by lawful employment paying the applicable taxation.
  6. The packaged product would then be transported to individual Retailers by legal tax-paying transportation services.
  7. The individual Retailers would make lawful sale of the product, collecting the applicable taxes and paying such to our government.

This is how you fight “The War On Drugs.” You do not fight it by spending a fortune to make criminals and unethical foreign politicians rich. You fight it by taking the crime out of it. When it is no longer illegal:

  1. Who has to fight over it?
  2. How many lawful tax-paying business get to pay taxes?
  3. Who does not get away without paying their government the taxes they should?
  4. Who gets a taxable product paying taxation into its government?
  5. Who gets to have a lawful tax-paying job?
  6. How much less will the Prison Budgets be when we are not locking everybody up for drugs?

If you think the legalization of drugs is gong to create a bunch of “dopers” more so than now, you are wrong. We as a society are much smarter than that. But, we are not smart enough not to use drugs because prohibition makes their use a “cool” thing to do. The U.S. Government is actually the cause of the drug problem by the act of prohibition. And, it has to stop. Enough of the expense, the criminals, the violence, and the loss to the economy. Somebody in our government needs to get off their butt and legalize drugs. Right now is the time to do it, while it can save our national economy, put people to work, and generate a lot of taxation. Anyone that cannot see the benefits of legalization far outweigh the potential for problems we create by prohibition, is blind.

Follow this link: Spanish-village-to-raise-funds-with-marijuana-business-world-business-msnbc-com/ to read about a village that is trying to do it overseas. 

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