U.S. News – DEA: Cops searching for stolen iPads find $34 million in meth


U.S. News – DEA: Cops searching for stolen iPads find $34 million in meth

I am telling you, folks we are missing the boat. The article that brought us to this commentary just barely tells a piece of this story. First, where the heck do you store 750 lbs. of meth? And, if you are sitting on $34 million of dope, why are you stupid enough to do anything that could lead to the police dropping by to find it? Just one more quick question? How long are you going to live when the guy who gave you all that dope discovers that you have lost his $34 million because you are an idiot?

My commentary has nothing to do with the preceding questions, because this situation should never have occurred. You see, I believe our Government is negligent in their failure to legalize drugs, removing the control from criminals, and creating jobs with a taxable income and collecting the applicable taxation for the actual sales of the drugs. I know you think me crazy but hear me out.

When drugs are sold, who makes the money? Does the U.S. Government get a cut of the profit? Does the Drug Dealer(s) pay any taxes on the income received? Do any of the many people in the “food chain” for these drugs pay a single cent in taxation relative to this $34 million in dope? Nope, not a penny. Instead, we are going to incarcerate at least one if not many individuals that got caught with the dope at a price tag of probably $80k per person per year to put them in jail. Of course the legal expense to prosecute them will probably be pretty healthy too. If you add the tax dollars wasted on the “war on drugs” to this price tag it sure has cost us a lot of money to dump $34 million in the toilet and flush it.

Now if drugs were legalized, how would this situation change? Think about it. Maybe something like this:

  • 750 lbs. of Meth at a street value of $34 million would be lawfully manufactured by a tax-paying company with employees making an income and paying taxes.
  • Both the Company and the employees would be paying taxes to their government as necessary.
  • We would not have the prosecution, incarceration, or “war on drugs” expense.
  • We would also not have the relative violence.
  • Think of all the people in the “food chain” involved in the sales of these drugs. Now, think of them all earning an income and paying taxes.
  • Our government taxes the heck out of Alcohol and Tobacco. Think of the taxation added to the sales of these drugs.

The point I am trying to make here is that our Government by prohibition of drugs, is doing a dis-service to the citizenry of this fine country.  I want our Government to do something that benefits us:

  • Creation of new jobs. Do you have any idea how many people would have jobs tomorrow were drugs legal?
  • I want Government Services like Fire Departments, Police, Libraries, Street Repairs, Parks & Recreation, and even Street Sweepers. We have to pay them though. Look at all the taxation that would be the result of legalization of drugs.
  • I want a strong Government, not a bankrupt Government.

Now, you may believe that if drugs were legal everyone would become a drug addict. That is not true. We already have the worst drug legalized and not everybody is a drunk. I simply think it is not helping us one bit spending millions trying to stop something we can’t stop and getting nothing in return for it. It’s time we start making the money, instead of giving it all away to the criminals and corrupt politicians. The way I look at it, the criminals are selling their product in my neighborhood and does not have to pay any taxes while doing so. I work and 22% of my paycheck goes to the Government. It is time we take control of drug distribution and sales, put the unemployed to work, and instead of spending millions trying to stop it, collecting millions in taxation. I am not “pro-drugs” by any means. I am “pro-taxation” for any product that sells as much as drugs do. It is time to get paid.

Here’s the link to the story that lead to my need for commentary today:

    U.S. News – DEA: Cops searching for stolen iPads find $34 million in meth

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