Visiting Drug-War-Torn Central America, Joe Biden Says the U.S. Will Not Change Drug Strategy | AlterNet


Visiting Drug-War-Torn Central America, Joe Biden Says the U.S. Will Not Change Drug Strategy | AlterNet

If you have not had the opportunity to read the article referenced above, please do. And, then return here to read what I have to say about this topic.

When I was a youngster growing up, I believed the world run by men of strong moral character and pride. I believed they intelligently thought through a problem before acting on it to ascertain the best method to resolve issues.  Well, I am not a youngster anymore. And, somebody in Government needs to pop their heads from their anatomy and listen.


America, you have lost your “war on drugs.” You have failed to resolve Immigration issues before you for far too long, and we are more concerned with “sexual slavery” and health issues relative to prostitution than we are of your arresting them over and over again. More important than the aforementioned: You continue to fail to provide for the needs of employment and the financial strength of our government.

It is time that all of the aforementioned topics be re-evaluated and a different approach be taken. We do not have another ten years to discuss these issues, we need to save the day today.

The first problem with our past actions relative to these issues is that we continue to allow control of the issue in the hands of the criminal and/or corrupt.

  • Why are we allowing Corrupt Politicians, Drug Czar’s, Pimps, Coyote’s and Gangs to have control of these situations. While we, the Tax Payer watch you waste away the tax dollar faster than we can pay it. And, when the tax dollar gets tight you reduce spending to the services that benefit us most. Our government, for the betterment of the World needs to take control of these issues.
  • If we were to legalize drugs:
    • What would happen to the control of drugs. Legitimate tax paying business would step up to manufacture, harvest, package, transport, and sell the drugs?
    • If we were to give an amnesty to “illegal aliens” and provide them the necessary work card so that they pursue meaningful taxable employment, and if they can stay out of jail, out of gangs, and pay taxes like the rest of us for a number of years we would consider moving forward with their application for citizenship, what would happen?
    • If prostitution was legal and regulated what would happen to all those ladies earning a taxable income and being regulated by a health standard?  

Let me explain something to you. Only an idiot believes that changing our approach to these issues will be the death of the United States and civilization as we know it.

  • What will happen is:
    • Violence relative to these issues will cease. Because the cause will no longer be at the control of the criminal.
    • We will stop scaring good honest hard-working folks half to death and let them try to better their lives.
    • We will see an immediate drop in “sexual slavery” and “child prostitution” because the business will no longer be run by criminals. Health concerns will also be maintained at a standard far better than today.
    • And, most important of all; Jobs, not just jobs, but tax paying jobs, by tax paying business will commence and instead of paying hand over fist for wasted effort, it will be “payday” for everyone. Just think of all that tax money . . .

In closing; no I am not in favor of everybody doing dope, becoming hookers, hiding from immigration, or becoming gangsters. I am in favor of us getting control of losing situations and getting paid instead of paying for their to be peace in the streets. Taking control of these situations is the only way to win. Taking control of these situations and taking the money from the criminals is the way to win. And believe me, you our Political Representative, we are ready for change.


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