– Paid Blogger Opportunities – Paid Blogger Opportunities

Life is full of opportunities, some good, some not so good. Now, I will not even suggest that this offer may qualify for less than desirable.  But, I am, at least offended by it.

I am not even sure how these folks ended up on my monitor. I must have been busy at not paying attention because I looked up their ad was there. Anyway, curiosity being what it is . . .  Their advertisement said:

Ready for the perfect job?

  • Join the growing number of people who already earn a solid income from blogging.
  • Get paid to talk about things you like.
  • We provide aspiring and professional bloggers with tools to succeed.

    Oh boy, I have got to look into this. So, I click the link. The link opens to a form that asks for your name, location, Blog link, your hobbies, and seals itself with a CAPTCHA. Then it rolls to the next page that thanks you for registering and says:

    The next step is for you to take advantage of our Blogger Services (Click here)

    Basic Blogger Services Package
    Price: $39.95

    Man, I hate advertising. I wonder if they actually have any influence or legitimate resource for Paid Blogger Opportunities. I wonder how many people have tried this and been satisfied by their purchase.

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