Convicted felon shot by officer files civil rights suit |


Convicted felon shot by officer files civil rights suit |

This is in response to the preceding article:

I think we once again are seeking to resolve a problem the wrong way. It does not make sense that our police have to worry about suits brought about by “convicted felons” for any reason. This is where the law requires changing.

Maybe something like this should apply:

Convicted felons have a responsibility to immediately surrender themselves without hostile act to any peace officer that calls or approaches them. Should a convicted felon flee or take hostile posture, any person observing such may take any force necessary, including deadly force to stop the convicted felon. Prior knowledge by a law enforcement official that the suspect is a convicted felon is not necessary.

Many convicted felons are released early from their prior incarceration. Many resume their life of crime. And, far too many are repeat offenders. They do not or should not have any “rights” short of absolute cooperation with the law and law enforcement officials. And, I realize that my idea above leaves a big gap relevant to non-convicted felons or the average person not having prior criminal issue but the fact that a convicted criminal can bring suit against a law enforcement agency or City because he failed to stop when ordered to by a law enforcement officer just is stupid. A young kid never having prior contact with police is scared and may be expected to run. A convicted felon that runs is guilty, and knows better than to run.

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