Politicians Need To Answer For The Waste

Every day you see another article about the failing economy, how the citizens of this country are sucking the country dry, and how the government no longer has enough money to support services. But, rarely do we see anything relevant to the waste of tax dollars on an on-going basis year after year.

Sure, we’ll catch a headline story about the GSA partying away $800,000.00 over a weekend. But, what about the real money wasters. Welfare may be the highest use of tax dollars, following the costs of war. Welfare expenditures make one think all their money spent on single mothers requiring assistance when actually the money in the budget for such assistance is only a fraction of the welfare budget. There is more tax dollars fraudulently billed by Doctors, Dentists, and other Health Care Professionals than ever paid to any assistance program. VA Programs, County Health Programs, and Other Programs meant to provide assistance to the poor and disabled are consistently put on the chopping block every year at Budget Development in every state in the country, while the real waste within the budget goes unmentioned.

For instance, take the “War On Drugs” that has been waged for 30+ years. What progress has been made. We still have drugs flowing across our borders, thousands of people killed every year, a lot of Law Enforcement Officers killed and injured each year, and the prisons and Courts are packed with work to do. Now, don’t you think after the first five years that we wasted this tax money that we would have re-evaluated how to best serve the Country? Okay, then after ten years? Twenty years? Thirty years? We have been spending more and more each year to make zero progress. And, nobody seems to have a problem with it. Almost 50% of America is living below poverty level right now. We are suffering the lack of jobs, the lack of taxable incomes, and it is okay to waste millions of dollars every year on drugs.

Most people are not aware that more people die due to prescription drug use under a doctors care, than do people using illegal drugs each year. Most people are unaware that it is impossible to overdose on marijuana, you simply cannot smoke that much. Most people are unaware that over 50,000 people have lost their lives to the war on drugs along the Mexican Border over the passed six years, close to 50 within the last month. What have we succeeded in doing with our War On Drugs? Well, we’ve put lots of young people in our jails. We have justified getting Law Enforcement Officers injured and/or killed. We have justified over burdening our Courts and Prisons. And, we have made many Drug Dealers/Drug Cartels very, very rich. But, we have not done a damn thing to stop the flow of drugs.

Another very serious concern relevant to the War On Drugs is the connections to Terrorist Organizations that threaten our country. Why allow this connection to exist. Nip this promptly in the bud. There is no reason to allow any terrorist or criminal organization have control of drugs coming into this country.

Since January 1, 2012 until this moment, Monday, May 07, 2012 4:21:41 AM, the government has already spent $18,858,548,489 of taxpayer money, on a “Drug War” that has a record of failure unequaled in history. (From http://www.actionamerica.org/drugs/wodclock.shtml )

Now how can we justify our failing economy, our waste of tax dollars by the U.S. Citizen’s, and the lack of tax money to support our local services, when we are pissing away this much money ever day in a failed war on drugs. Why have we not reconsidered the way we handle this war on drugs? I mean, how many times must you fail at something before you try another method? And, how can our government justify not doing something different?

Over 25 years ago while attending a Criminal Justice class in college, an Instructor said “We cannot win the war on drugs so long as the criminals have control of the drugs” and my being a young man with little knowledge of reality did not believe him. Today, every day that I read the news, I hear his words in the back of my mind. What he was trying to teach me, is that we cannot fight the war the way we are, we need to take control away from the criminals to win. And, I believe he was and is correct in his opinion.

The only way to win in the war on drugs, is for our Country to take control of drugs, making them legal, and allowing distribution and sales be performed by lawful taxable business within this country. The wasted tax dollars will no longer be needed for the failed war on drugs. The economy will immediately be benefit of lots of new jobs and taxable incomes, the violence will stop, the possible connections to terrorist and criminal organizations will be broken, and another strong tax base item will supplement our lack of tax dollars. In addition, drugs imported from foreign locations would be purchased from growers/manufacturers conducting lawful business in their relevant countries and paying the required taxes in that country. It is that simple.

If you think that we will end up a bunch of stoned losers just because the stuff is legalized, you are wrong. If you think any illegal drug is worse than the legal drug “Alcohol” you are also wrong. Drugs are making lots of people rich, except our Country. Because, we do not care. I would much rather have a drug treatment program funded by the taxes earned from drug sales than run the Country into debt over it.

Right now, this Country needs jobs badly. Right now there are far too many people getting killed because criminals control the drugs. Does it not make better sense to find a way that the Country benefits from it, than continue losing to it? And, doesn’t it anger you that some dirt-bag is making “bank” while we lose?

I do not support the use of drugs by any means. I do support the elimination of violence, taking the money away from criminals, creation of jobs, and adding taxation to drugs. The United States is supposed to be a strong wealthy Country with jobs and wealthy people and a growing economy. I have had enough of this broken Nation we live in. Politicians need to fix it and stop wasting our tax dollars.

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