Self-Appointed Gun Ambassadors Walking Around With AR-15s Freaking The Hell Out Of Portland

I just thought I would chime in with my opinion regarding the headline above. The aforementioned headline is from an article authored by David Badash on January 11, 2013  in Guns,News of The New Civil Rights Movement

It seems that Oregon has a couple of gentlemen that decided to demonstrate their dissatisfaction with recent opinions relative to gun control by carrying AR-15’s slung over their shoulders in public, scaring the hell out of the citizenry. What followed was a whole bunch of folks calling in to the 911 Operator and a waste of Police resources.

These guys may have the intelligence of a gnat, or brain the size equivalent by the method they chose to “demonstrate” their opinion, but do they have a valid point? I am serious. Each and every minute of the day somebody is getting their Constitutional Rights violated or taken away by those charged with the responsibility of protecting such rights. And in response, the American citizen is doing little if nothing to protect their rights themselves.

Has America chosen to accept Socialism as a way of government? We are allowing it to happen right before our face. America needs to pay attention to what is really happening. All the “Gun Control” and other topics that affect our Constitutional Rights that people are calling for law change, which also means modification to these rights. Sooner or later there will be no Constitutional Rights. As is, laws have changed most of the rights guaranteed by the Constitution into mockery of what the original intents were.

Are we ready for Socialist America? Either stand up for your rights, or accept the change your failure to do so will create. No, I do not approve of people carrying loaded AR-15s in the streets. But, I also do not approve of Politicians taking away my right to do so. What the people of Oregon and most any State fail to realize is while they we up in arms over two gents openly carrying firearms, there were probably a dozen others near them carrying concealed weapons. I think I would rather see where the problem may come from.  

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