Why I’m Suing NBC


            (This is in response to George Zimmerman’s article from the link above)

Mr. Zimmerman,

I neither believe you to be a racist, nor a murderer. And, no amount of media frenzy could convince me either relative to your case. What you are, is an adult. An adult whose actions and negligence led to the death of a teenage boy. But do not worry, there are other that share your negligence.

  • Under whose/what authority did you assume the position of Neighborhood Watch?
  • Under whose authority were you granted a concealed weapons permit?
  • Did the HomeOwners Association or Property Management authorize your policing the gated community the incident occurred in?
  • Did local Law Enforcement recognize you as an authority for the gated community?
  • Were you required to attend any form of training for either Neighborhood Watch or your weapons permit? If so, did you attend?
  • In what Country are Citizens allowed to drive unmarked vehicles, while in plain clothes, and carrying a concealed weapon, allowed to follow children that have not been observed doing any wrong around any neighborhood?

Regardless of all else, You an adult, took action that led to the death of a minor that committed no wrong less your involvement. You are the element that created the incident. Trayvon Martin would be alive today were it not for your creation of this incident. You would not be facing these charges had you not have created this incident. So putting it bluntly sir, you blew it.

Do you realize that had Treyvon Martin beat you down and taken your gun shooting you with it, that the Stand Your Ground defense would have protected him from prosecution? Everything Martin did was in response to an action committed by you. So regardless, you are responsible for the death of Treyvon Martin and your own negligence led to his death. At a minimum you have committed “voluntary manslaughter” if not a higher offense. But depending  on your answers to the aforementioned questions, there may be others to share your guilt in this situation.

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