Matt Cutts on Penguin 2


Matt Cutts on Penguin 2

After reading this article, I still face the same problem. Why does Google get to dictate how my directory, a lawful business, charges its customers. I want to keep the spam out. It is a known fact that most  spam submissions utilize a submission program allowing them to submit to hundreds of sites at a time. As far as I know, not a single submission program performs the required financial functions to post to a site that charges for submissions.

My directory goes a step further, and “human-edits” every submission before the submission is published. this costs money. Somebody has to pay the payroll, the taxes, and keep the lights on, right? In my opinion, Google has exceeded the limits of the consumer expectations for a Search Engine. We do not need a SE that makes the rules for the Internet. We do not want a SE that censors either incoming or outgoing data. (except that which is considered harmful by virus or malware) As a “collective audience” we want to find the web site that discusses the many uses for the word “fuck” and the idiot that claims to have been “kidnapped and probed” by aliens. We want access to web sites built for Google, and those that aren’t built for Google. We want Google to recognize that as “lead” in the Industry, we expect them to properly index the internet for inclusion of everybody, not just those Google deems acceptable.

Most of all, we want business to be fairly represented in the Search Engines. Presently, SEO determines rankings. But, what does it rank? Can it tell the Consumer which business has been in business the longest, which does the best job, or who resolves complaints guaranteeing consumer satisfaction? No! the current ranking tell us which business does the better SEO. That is all it does. It does not fairly represent business at all. And face it, almost every business out here is here to earn a living. I do not want to spend 20 to 100k per year doing SEO. I want to build a clean web site without trickery or pollution and have it fairly listed within the SE’s. And, if you are going to lead the consumer to believe the highest ranked in your system, the most qualified or competent, at least do so using criteria relative to the business.

The realization that SE’s a penalizing web sites for being “spammy” is ridiculous! These sites are spammy because of people trying to rank higher in the SE rankings. The sites affected by this did not create the problem, Google did. Instead of depreciating the Article Repository sites for article spinner type postings, Google should have depreciated the sites benefiting from the linkage created. You do not stop spam by punishing the victims of the beast you created. But, that is what Google did. Loyal Googlites by the millions, spend their money and their time trying to cooperate with Google’s demands, and by the score they are they are getting dumped on by Google for things like selling ad space to sites not relevant to their own. What the hell is this? I can sell that space to Google’s adwords who publishes my competitors advertisement on my site, but I cannot sell the same space to others? I am in business. I have bills, mouths to feed, and payroll to fulfill. And, I do not believe Google has the right to depreciate my conducting lawful business because it doesn’t pay Google.  It is my ad space and you do not have the right to dictate how I use it, until such time as your use of it is not a conflict of interest. I cannot speak for the rest of the Internet Community, but I do not want the Internet ruled by any SE, especially an SE that is profiting from every act of depreciation taken. Somebody needs to govern Google, because their white hat is coming into question.

I have the need to earn a reasonable living from my efforts. Google needs to support small business a little bit and instead of finding ways to harm us, help us instead. How about instead of Google branching off into a larger monopoly, they allow small business to survive as part of the Industry? 

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