If I Could Just Get Everyone’s Attention For A Few Minutes . . .

When attending a conference or even sitting with family at the dining room table, were you to want to get everyone’s attention you need only stand up and clear your throat. Of course, were you real excited raising your hand would also be an attention getter. But how do we get everyone’s attention on the Internet? No matter what you do, short of a criminal or insane act, will never get you more than the smallest portion of the Internet’s attention. And, I want the larger portion of the Internet’s attention.

You see, I have things to do. And, getting the attention of a significant portion of the Internet would ultimately help me succeed in doing these things.  Allow me to explain:

  1. Recently my employer rolled up shop and quit the business leaving me pretty much unemployed. It is quite difficult at 56 years of age to find employment that fills the need for personal growth. But, I tried a few different jobs and realized all I had was a job. It can be quite depressing really. So, I decide I want to succeed at making an income from my efforts on the Internet.  To do this I build a group of web sites, only to discover the Internet is not the level playing field for business we once believed it was going to be. Now the Internet is ruled by Google and unless you are going to play their way, they won’t let you play. But, I persisted anyway. Presently, I have one site that I believe if I could get everybody’s attention to for a few minutes, significant change and improvement in my life would surely happen.
    1. I have built a Business Directory at http://djamsearch.com that I call “dJAMSearch Business Directory.
    2. To start my directory off, I have seeded a handful of listings and by affiliations added a few hundred more. But, this is too slow and too few to provide positive results.
    3. At this same time I observe that about a quarter of the Country is in the middle of some serious disasters and wish I could help. Somehow I end up on the Red Cross web site, with the intent of making a small donation. But then, I stumble across an idea the Red Cross has for making donation to them. It is called a “Percentage of Sales” donation. How cool, I could do this. If I was making any sales! But, maybe I can do both.
  2. A plan slowly develops between my left and right ears. Is it possible to attract new customers for me while at the same time creating a worthwhile donation for the Red Cross? Yes, it might be a very good idea. Provided, I can get anyone’s attention for a few minutes on the Internet.
  3. The details to facilitate the plan. I have a few different listing choices on the Business Directory. These range from $20.00 for a standard Business Listing to $1200.00 for annual Sponsorship. I started out with the idea of giving 80% of all Standard Business Listing sales I would give to the Red Cross as a donation. Then I looked at how much it costs me to facilitate the sales of the listings and how popular the listing itself might be. End result, I would be losing on the sale of the listing because of the cost to run the directory as “human-edited” to keep spam and garbage entries out. And, as the Standard Business listing is not the most popular listing offered, the Red Cross would not acquire as much of a donation as I wanted.
  4. Change of plans. I decided that the best idea would be to make the Red Cross donation plan would be to donate 75% of all sales of any of the listings offered. This would allow my making between 3 to 5% after my expenses and the donation to the Red cross. Now, I like that. This should work out great, if I can get the attention of the Internet for a few minutes so that the rest of the Internet will say, “Hey, great idea,” and come to join my site to help both my site grow and prosper while at the same time giving a decent donation to the Red Cross.
    1. Then another idea popped into my head, as a way to thank these new clients that subscribed to my services. Why don’t I make it that if they subscribe during this fundraiser event, that all of their subsequent annual renewals would also provide a 75% donation to the Red Cross. I really like this idea now.
  5. So, now I am ready to do this. The only delay is waiting for final approval by the Red Cross in running the event. And, in between meetings and other business they promise to get this soon.
  6. I’m ready to roll with this idea. I have a Press Release ready in hopes everybody will get word of the event and flock to my web site. But in my last conversation with the Red Cross something is nagging at me. Did that guy say “Percentage of Profit?”
    1. By my figures I plan to give them 75% of sales, recalculation is approximately 95% of profit.( It was 99% but I added bank fees to the calculation) I can live with this. The Red Cross really is an excellent organization. They are there for every emergency and their volunteers are some of the most giving people on the planet. Yes, I like this plan.

Now, “Ahem” If I can just have everyone’s attention for a few minutes please . . .

Visit http://djamsearch.com and help me and my little web site help the Red Cross please. 

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