Dad with 22 kids sued for child support


Dad with 22 kids sued for child support

Dad with 22 kids sued for child support

This story surfaced a while back when the father was trying to get the State to pay for his children. This asshole should be clinically castrated before he even is allowed to interact with any of the opposite sex. There is nothing special about this clown, except for his failure to take responsibility for his own penis. He struts his stuff thinking he is cool because he impregnated so many women and created so many bastard children.

The problem is he is not intelligent enough to acquire employment that will provide him enough income to pay for his bastard children. And, because he can’t support them he wants the State to support them. Well, two adults created this problem, perhaps they need to resolve the issue by two adults taking responsibility for the situation. If the daddy has two nickels to rub together, it gets split up between the 22 children. And, then the women that spread their legs for this guy, need to take responsibility for doing so.

This could actually be a landmark case for child support issues. If the involved parties cannot afford to pay for their failure to use contraception, then they should not be allowed to keep the children. Remove the bastard children from their homes to be adopted by somebody that can afford to care for them. You are doing the children no good by leaving them in an environment where they cannot afford proper care, and the State (the taxpayer) should not have to pay for these peoples stupidity.

I can tell you without a doubt that trying to support a family while not having the financial ability to do so is stupid. For over twenty-five years of my life I have been paying child support for children I fathered, while trying to support children fathered by others that pay no support at all and get away with it. And the real stupidity is the support I pay is to a woman that is financially capable of caring for our child as she makes a heck of a lot more than I do, but because our Family Court system is run by idiots, they bleed every cent than can from responsible fathers to make their figures of enforcement look good but still do nothing about the dead-beat dads that continue to evade taking responsibility for their own children. Any man that enters our family court system needs to check the kangaroo behind the bench, because there is no justice at all issued from the Court, unless you are a dead-beat like the father of the 22 of this story. And, then it is an injustice to the tax payers stuck taking care of his children.

I am sorry! It just occurred to me that this topic is really pissing me off. Hey, Dad! You fathered the little Bastards, now you and the stupid woman that slept with you better find a way other than the tax-payers raising them for you. Put the kids up for adoption, maybe a real man will adopt and care for them, you will never be able to.

6 thoughts on “Dad with 22 kids sued for child support

  1. I think you make a fine point, and when I father a child of my own I should hope that I’m first in a position to take good care of them in any way they need me to. However I think there are many things to take into consideration. If his kids got adopted, how many of them would find any homes at all? And even after that, how many of the kids that find homes at all, will find good homes? Unless the mothers practically disown them, the court won’t take them away unless living conditions for the kids become life threatening. You’re right that the bloke should pay up and take responsibility, or face a mandatory castration, but until that day comes when those are the only two options, Men like him will never take that responsibility and options for cleaning up his mess are well, limited.

    It’s the same way over here too, these men deserve nothing less than their testicles removed 😀


    • 14 women and 1 man. That is 15 adults. And, not a damn one of them took the responsibility for contraception. Why should the tax-payer pay for their negligence? At a certain point this has to become a criminal issue, for both the men and women involved. Believe me, if given the choice of putting the kids up for adoption or care for them yourselves, I’ll bet they find a way.


    • C.T. just from the interaction I have shared with you, I have little doubt that you will be a great parent. But, if anyone follows your facebook humor, you may have trouble getting a date leading to fatherhood. (LOL, just joking ya m8, you are solid as a rock and the ladies like you. Even mine?)


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