Rights, What Rights?

Today, more than any other time in our Country’s history, our Rights as American Citizens is questionable.  But, at the same time the very fabric of our society appears to be under attack from unknown forces. We are being attacked from within on a daily basis. And, we appear to be our biggest threat.

Presently, our people seem to think that running to publicize what they believe a problem on facebook a better choice than going to our employer with an issue of concern. We find being a “whistle-blower” because we feel we are not protecting our rights accordingly while not taking into consideration if my doing so poses threat to our Country’s safety, rather than asking our employer why we are doing so is acceptable. But, are these situations actually necessary. And, are they causing a bigger problem that the problem they perceive to be the problem?

I do not believe I am really comfortable with going outside of my food chain without going within my food chain first to fix what is wrong. A business cannot operate successfully doing so. Neither can a Government.

None of this appeals to me. It is like we are doing our best to destroy ourselves before anyone else can. In my opinion, if a problem exists, it is your responsibility to voice your opinion to your employer to ascertain if a problem really exists and allow your employer to correct the issue or kill you and leave your body in an undisclosed location. At least this way your 15 minutes of fame won’t make the rest of us look like idiots.

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