This Year Has Already Been A Heavy Need Year . . .

2013 has already proven itself a busy year for organizations like the Red Cross. Catastrophic situations both here in the U.S. and abroad have been keeping these folks busy pretty much all year so far. And, these folks do an excellent job at responding to these emergencies. But, they still depend on our support.

That is one of the reasons we have obligated ourselves to donate 75% of our sales to the Red Cross. Now, all we need is you to make our donation event worth while. And, we would really like to make a good showing and provide the Red Cross a really good donation. So, your participation is a very important part of this event.

I guess I was probably a little ahead of myself in the idea that I would easily solicit everyone’s participation in this event, but I find it hard to believe that everyone would not want to help the Red Cross as well as acquire some good SEO linkage. I have always found the combination a great idea. So, I figure it must be that I have not made enough noise regarding the event, as I know there are more of you eager to show your support.

This is what we are doing . . .

I have a little Directory site at that is donating 75% of all sales of listing subscriptions to the Red Cross from now until July 31, 2013. This actually equates to 98% of the income received for each listing as donation. We have extended this offer further to include participants that subscribe during this event, we will continue to make the same donation for every subsequent year that the subscription is renewed. So your participation today can benefit the Red Cross for years to come.

How does this benefit us? We get your listing added to our directory, which even if we add you by seeding your listing ourselves is an asset to us. Why? Because a Directory without a lot of listings and traffic is a waste of cyber-space. So, the Red Cross and You are important to us.

We really do need your support for this donation event, please participate.

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