Above the law: America’s worst charities – CNN.com


Above the law: America’s worst charities

Above the law: America’s worst charities – CNN.com

Okay, I have just read this article and have but one question. People donate millions to bogus charities, but cannot be talked into making a donation to a real charity. I guess I should provide a little bit of explanation.

Currently, our business directory web site is conducting a Red Cross Fundraiser. Our Fundraiser is a “Percentage Of Sales” event. How this works is, we sell you a Directory Listing and donate a percentage of the sales to the Red Cross. We started with the idea during the recent severe tornados that hit Oklahoma. But, by the time we coordinated the event and got approval of the Red Cross it was already June 15th. Regardless, the Red Cross still needs our support. And while we are having a small flow of participants, we are not experiencing near the expected participation number we expected. And, it concerns me.

Maybe our expectations are unrealistic, but when you look at situations such as George Zimmerman being able to raise $45,000.00 in donations in two days recently, you would expect our fundraiser to appeal to the Internet far better.

The Red Cross is an outstanding organization. Many people believe the Red Cross part of the U.S. Government, it is not. The Red Cross is a non-profit organization that relies on donations and volunteers to provide the support services they do. And, the Red Cross does a lot of response to emergencies world-wide. And, even in lesser emergencies the Red Cross is first on the scene to help those in need. Plus, who do you think is always there to teach CPR classes, locate missing loved ones, and recently was on the scene for the Colorado wildfires? The Red Cross!

Anyway folks, donate to our fundraiser, it is legit, and is a solid organization that serves the world, responding to every emergency as it happens. Oh, our site: http://djamsearch.com

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