Nearly 100 BBs found under dog’s skin


And, the news just continues to demonstrate that the human race is full of people that should not be allowed to live. Somebody has abused this dog so severely that a vet discovers over one hundred BB’s under the skin of the dog.

The story told does not really discuss the abuse to the animal, but turns the story into a positive event as the dog is adopted by a gent that will take care of her. It is a good story, but somewhere along the line I hope someone investigates who might have been responsible for the abuse to this animal. The dog had over fifty BB’s in her head area alone. Somebody knows the details to this situation. Does that person also realize that the abuser in this case will probably be a future violent criminal.

If you know anybody that abuses small animals, studies have demonstrated the person doing such abuse usually becomes a violent criminal offender escalating from small animals to humans. So if you know someone that fits this profile, tell somebody before we read about him hurting someone you or I love. 

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