Video captures Jasper, Texas, police officers beating woman | The Lookout – Yahoo! News


Video captures Jasper, Texas, police officers beating woman

Video captures Jasper, Texas, police officers beating woman | The Lookout – Yahoo! News

There is never an excuse for police brutality. NEVER! When your local Government hires Law Enforcement Officers to work for the community it is to protect the community and that means the Officers have just as much responsibility to ensure they take every effort to protect the citizen from harm by others as they do ensure they do not cause harm to someone.

Our streets have created a new kind of Law Enforcement Officer. The new Officer is most often forced to take extreme action to ensure his/her own safety. What this means is 90% of the time it is necessary that the Officer aggressively take control of a potential suspect, because 90% of the time if they hadn’t of done so the Officer would likely be fighting for his life. And, do not fool yourself women are just as dangerous as men. But, what of the other 10%?

Today’s Officer has yet to learn that there is another 10% they have to deal with.  There is that 10% of the people they come into contact with that will follow their instructions, that will comply without any physical contact what-so-ever. Todays Officers do not know what to do in such circumstance. Why? Because they have not been trained to do so. Most Law Enforcement training centers on the Officer having to defend him/herself and not to trust any suspect regardless how cooperative they may appear. But, how do you train a man to allow his guard to drop when almost each and every time he has to deal with someone, it threatens his life? It is a hard line to tow, and even more difficult to do so without causing harm to someone. But, blatant abuse is without doubt a crime. And, when committed by those charged with the responsibility to protect you, it is a hard pill to swallow.

My suggestion to you the Citizen, is do not make any movement that could be considered aggressive and roll with the Officers actions rather than resist. The moment you show any signs of resistance the Officer will have to counter that resistance. So, DO NOT RESIST! Do NOT ARGUE! Do Not Threaten! Allow yourself to be easily taken into custody, and pray to God that your Attorney can save your ass later.

My recommendation to our officials behind the badge . . . You do not have to be a “dick” all of the time, so don’t be!

And for those going through Jasper, Texas . . . Pray you do not run across these pricks in uniform.

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