Driving tips to keep your teen alive


Driving tips to keep your teen alive

Driving tips to keep your teen alive

The next two months (July and August) are high fatality months for teen drivers. And, as I am quite positive that I neither want to see, nor participate in any teenager’s fatality, I ask that you read the article  hyperlinked above and consider trying to follow their recommendations.

A couple of their recommendations need to be followed without question. No Alcohol is a  given. Do not be STUPID! Do not drink and drive. If you are going to drink, have someone that has not been drinking drive. Or, call a parent, a cab, a bus, or even a friends parent. There is no need to endanger yourself or anyone else’s life so you can be cool driving while drinking. Believe me, the “cool” is the one that does not kill himself or a friend while drinking. You have no one to impress. And, if you do drink and drive and get in an accident or get arrested nobody will think you cool. They will all think you an idiot that should have known better, and it will be the last time you are considered cool for a very long time.

The next is NO CELL PHONE. You cannot walk and chew bubblegum at the same time without problems. What makes you  believe that you can drive and talk or text? If you want everybody to see you as mentally deficient, all you have to do is get in an accident while texting that you just had “pizza at the pizza joint” instead of paying attention while driving. If you do not have the ability to “hands free” use your phone, leave your phone alone while driving.

Seriously, read the article topic of this story and give it a little thought. If you really want to be cool, live enough of your life to know what cool is. Aint nothing cool about dead except your body temperature, but if you are dead you won’t feel it anyway.

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