Taylor Swift targeted by Westboro Baptist Church


Taylor Swift targeted by Westboro Baptist Church

Taylor Swift targeted by Westboro Baptist Church

This has got to be one of the most ridiculous stories I have ever read. Who the hell do the people of the Westboro Baptist Church think they are?  this Church has plans to picket one of Taylor Swifts upcoming concerts to “Slut-Shame” the “whore” Taylor Swift. What a bunch of idiots. And, if they are led by a church elder, I hope the elder is drug through the streets wearing a dunce cap, in a little red-wagon drawn by a single jackass with a sign that says “Village Idiot” demonstrating his new status as an idiot.

First off, my religious fanatical friends . . . How have you reached your assessment that Taylor Swift is either a Slut or a whore? What evidence do you have that Taylor Swift has done anything to warrant such title? Would such title not require that Taylor Swift was having sexual relations with at least one of her past relationships?  Do you have such proof? And, if you have such proof, do you really think this young lady’s sex life is any of your damn business? Who the hell do you people think you are? Look around you next Sunday, how many Sluts and Whores are in your congregation? Probably 50% of your congregation is demonstrative of adolescent in-breeding prior to marriage anyway. And, at least 2 of you are probably sleeping with the Minister presently. So, what does that say for you?

Who is to say that the reason Taylor Swift has not had a lengthy relationship thus far is because she is not being a slut or a whore? Maybe she is saving herself for marriage? Do you have evidence such not true? I hope to see you idiots at Taylor Swifts concert. After Security and the local Law Enforcement drag your fat Baptist asses from the facility, I hope Taylor Swift takes you to Court, naming each individual present as she sues each of you for “defamation of character,” “libel,” and anything else a good Attorney can think of to make you answer for the offenses you have created against Taylor Swift on a topic that you have no right to even consider trespassing into as a good God fearing member of any church. Were I Taylor Swift, I would already have my Attorney’s filing with the Court to take legal actions against you immediately. Because, you  have already caused significant damage to Taylor Swift’s personal reputation just by referring  to her as offensively as you have.

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