1 dead, more than 100 overdoses at Wash. state concert


1 dead, more than 100 overdoses at Wash. state concert

1 dead, more than 100 overdoses at Wash. state concert

The Drug Molly is being held responsible for over 100 overdoses and 1 death at a Washington State concert this past weekend. From what I understand, Molly is similar to Ecstasy. Boy howdy, think about all those parents that got the “Hey, your kid is a dumbass. He O.D.’d on some crap and you can see him at such and such hospital” call. Or, the “Hello, I regret to inform you that your daughter Lucy overdosed this weekend, and pulled a train of 100 before anybody realized she was having difficulties” call.

Youngsters! Let me learn ya something about doing dope. DON’T! And, if you will not take that advice to heart, consider this. Somebody’s parents received at least one of the aforementioned calls this past weekend. And, I can guarantee even the parent that you claim hates you, cried for you this weekend also. Dope is similar to booze in one specific regard. If you are going to do it, do it in moderation, and do it responsibly.

One of the stupidest things I  have ever seen is a young adult male that thinks drinking until he has gills is cool. If you cannot stand up, can’t not throw-up, or cannot remember where you are or how many people have taken a swing at you, then you have exceeded you ability for consumption of whatever substance it is you are using. The “cool” badge does not go to the person most acted an idiot at an event, but to the individuals that maintained, performed, and made it home safe to talk about it.

In my life I have observed many people having had the pleasure of overdosing a substance, many that overdosed and not returned to their life as they had known it. Three days after they were put in the in their little boxes in the dirt, their parents blamed all of their children’s friends, and all of the children’s friends referred to the person that O.D.’d as an idiot for being so stupid, including the guy that sold him the dope.

Be cool! Have fun! But, do so without excessiveness. Nobody needs to get hurt, die, or pull a train to have fun . . .

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