I’m Pregnant / Embarazada – MamásLatinas


The REAL reason men perform oral sex on women is…

I’m Pregnant / Embarazada – MamásLatinas

Don’t you just hate some surveys? You know, the surveys that you have an opinion on but were not asked? Well this is one of those for me. None of the reasons noted in this survey are applicable to me. And, since I know my reasons for this are not at all extreme, nor could I be the only male of such opinion, there must be better answers to this poll.

So, for the record . . .  The reason I perform oral sex on women is because I enjoy sex, and I enjoy my partner enjoying sex. I do not believe there is anything more beautiful than a woman mid-orgasm trying to escape my grasp as I drive her over the edge. I probably also have a little parental advice most people do not receive while growing up.

Right about the time that a young mans hormones are busy frying the young mans brain every time the wind blows as a young lady passes and I lost my virginity, my mother sat me down for the talk about sex. One thing she explained to me was not to be selfish during sex. She further explained that often it was a little more difficult for the woman to achieve orgasm than the man so sometimes for the woman’s enjoyment the man would have to give a little more, and I did, repeatedly. I still do today.

It just does not make sense to perform an act of making love without making love to the best enjoyment of all participants. Although, sometimes it takes acting selfish to achieve the same result. Okay my opinion offered, enough of sex 101 for today.

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