Woman escapes 3 weeks of captivity in man’s home


Woman escapes 3 weeks of captivity in man’s home

Woman escapes 3 weeks of captivity in man’s home

Women, gals, ladies, babes, darlings, and bitches (Excuse the colorful language but I had to include them as a matter on necessity as they tend to think they know everything and listen to nobody with the misguided belief that bad won’t happen to them) you are not safe, anywhere! Seriously, you have to  either be with someone to protect you from being victimized, or you have to sit ready to defend your self from everyone, both male and female alike. You cannot even be in our Military without living in fear of those that will do you harm. And, being attractive is not necessarily a prerequisite for being taken into sexual slavery. 

Seriously, you cannot have one bit of fun without looking over your shoulder in fear. What an absolutely offensive society we live in. How does a woman get taken from one spot to another without nobody seeing anything? How does a person get kidnapped off the street and held in captivity for days, weeks, months, and/or years, and nobody sees or knows anything.

To make matters worse, men cannot exclude themselves from such action taken against them. Recently there was a number of women that targeted men, went home with them, drugged them, and robbed them. Although I do have to agree there are far more men to be feared than women, maybe.

Seriously folks, it’s dangerous out there. Use a little common sense wherever you go with whomever. And, everyone needs to be observant of others. If you are out with friends and see what looks like a lamb being taken for slaughter, look at who she is with just in case she does not make it home accordingly. It does not matter if you know the person or not, just pay attention, observe, and pray you do not have to respond to an announcement made on the T.V. asking for anyone that has information . . . Please call your local police. And, please be careful and come home safe following you day/night of fun.

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