Record $58M in damages awarded to beaten house painter


Record $58M in damages awarded to beaten house painter

Record $58M in damages awarded to beaten house painter

What is going on with this world we live in. look at this mans head. How did this mans head get damaged like this? I am 56 years old. I have seen a lot of stuff in that period of time, but never have I seen such harm brought to another by a Security Guard.

We all know Security Guards are paid by their employer, but are they also supposed to act as murderers instead of protecting their employers patrons? Oh, I see . . . The Bar Owner hired a “thug” to act as Security instead of hiring a licensed security operator. This is ridiculous. What is even more ridiculous is that a man could be harmed this badly without somebody putting an end to the fight.

How do you sit there drinking a beer or bullshitting with your buddies, while somebody is being beaten so severely, and do nothing? This gent got beaten because he sought to intervene in the beating of two others, but apparently nobody thought to help him. And, obviously the unlicensed Security Guard did not know that he is required to use no more force than is necessary to control the suspect. What the heck is wrong with this guy, he thinks he gets to beat a person down until damn near dead before he stops.

Seriously, how do you sit there and watch an event such as this happen, and do nothing? I cannot do it. I see a guy hassling a woman in a DMV parking lot, I have to intervene. I see a man running from a store with  his arms full of store items, I have to get involved. I see a guy knocking a youngster to the ground, I have to stop. Are we all so afraid to stand up for what is right, or is it that we are fascinated by the harm being created. I hope this Security Guard had criminal charges before the Court.

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