50 Cent charged with violence against ex-girlfriend – CNN.com


50 Cent charged with violence against ex-girlfriend

50 Cent charged with violence against ex-girlfriend – CNN.com

The reason I bring this article to your attention is not because 50 Cent did something, but because of the ignorance demonstrated by the readers comments.

I am so tired of the ignorance of racism being displayed every where you look. What the hell is wrong with you people? Don’t you realize that your ongoing racial this and that is harmful to everyone? And, I am not just addressing the “Whites” in this situation. I am addressing everyone that is running their racial garbage mouths.

I am 56 years old. I have never owned a slave of any color, never targeted a person of color as my enemy, or raped and pillaged any other race in my life. Unless you can say that you have experienced such attack upon yourself, it is time you quit trying to make people pay for crimes committed long before they were born and all of get on with living a far more tolerant society.

Do you realize the racism involved in the Zimmerman case? It is not Zimmerman being racist, but the Attorneys and the Court. Any dipstick that pays attention to the world around them can see that Martin was not killed because he was black, but because Zimmerman is a dumbass wannabe cop that by his negligence caused the death of Martin. But because the ignorant racists in our society want to make it racial, it is now racial. STUPID!

I hate to believe that our society has not progressed at all in the past 50 years, and that my beliefs are all my own, but you people need to stop. If you want to have your children and their children grow up in a society torn by racial divides, you aren’t considering the impacts they will have to learn to live with, the lives lost, and the blood shed. So, grow up and stop being hurtful to others regardless of color.

One thing I can tell you as an observer of our society . . . America is being torn apart from within. Are you part of the problem?   

3 thoughts on “50 Cent charged with violence against ex-girlfriend – CNN.com

    • I visited and read a good deal of your site, a lot of interesting information. Seldom do you hear the Mexican-American claim racism a cause when often it is the cause. One thing I must give the Mexican Immigrant, they work their butts off at the job, and regardless public opinion, that illegal living down the block that owns his home and has raised his family without committing criminal act other than being here as an illegal alien, has my respect.


  1. I appreciate your response. Mexicans, illegal or not, have a lot of demons to battle. Not just from ‘Gringos’ but from themselves. There is far too much apathy and self-loathing in Mexican and Mexican-American culture. I’m very proud to be American and Latina, but I refuse to think my cultures are terrific. Clearly, both are tragically flawed.


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