‘Unbowed’ Snowden seeks new havens – CNN.com


‘Unbowed’ Snowden seeks new havens

‘Unbowed’ Snowden seeks new havens – CNN.com

In this article WikiLeaks is busy trying to obtain asylum for Snowden, why? Snowden is s traitor to everyone in the United States. He is nothing more than a coward and a traitor, why is anyone helping him.

In case you are not aware of the facts, Snowden has been endangering the safety of every U.S. Citizen for a couple weeks now, and dependent upon what documents he has in his possession at this time, could actually cause the next war we have to fight. Even worse that that, he can fabricate something serious, back it up with something light weight that he has supporting documents for and have half the World after us.

If you think his intent was only to disclose possible abuses to the American public, think again. Why did Snowden take documents with him that were likely harmful to America?

Our Government has a responsibility to obtain all the documents in Snowden’s possession before he places us, our family’s, and our Country in more danger. I personally hope they track the traitor down and shut his mouth permanently. And, if they get that little puke from Wikileaks at the same time . . . Good for them! Anybody that thinks it cool to disclose secret information to foreign governments, needs to learn that some of us back home do not want our Country exposed to their kind of fun.

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