Martin’s mom: 911 screams ‘absolutely’ my son |


Martin’s mom: 911 screams ‘absolutely’ my son

Martin’s mom: 911 screams ‘absolutely’ my son |

This is the on-going blog of the Florida Vs Zimmerman trial being done by Today they are trying to ascertain to whom the screams were from just before the death of Treyvon Martin. Martin’s family appear to believe it was Treyvon’s voice they hear.

Where the Prosecution is going wrong with the Zimmerman case, is they are trying to make a case that isn’t instead of prosecuting a case that is.

The facts in this case are really quite simple. Zimmerman is a Cop wannabe! Every first year Criminal Justice student can see this. Because of this and the negligence of the Homeowners Association and the Sanford Police Department (If they issued Zimmerman’s Concealed Weapons Permit) helped Zimmerman become the threat he had become. You see, Zimmerman was an accident waiting to happen.

Give this simply a few minutes thought without argument for or against and consider what I am suggesting. Where in the United States is it legal for a person to roam the neighborhood in an unmarked car, in civilian attire, and carrying a concealed weapon? I can think of only one other than actual Law Enforcement/Corrections and that is as a Licensed Private Investigator which can be expanded to include the likes of Insurance Investigators and such. Now, how many people do you know that do as Zimmerman has been doing in his patrol of the neighborhood?

Had Zimmerman been properly supervised, he would have adhered to the “Neighborhood Watch” guidelines which would have seen his gun as un-necessary and would have restricted his movement to that of an “observer” or Zimmerman would have been issued a uniform and a marked vehicle to patrol the neighborhood in.

Law Enforcement/Security’s primary function is “Crime Prevention.” Crime prevention is best served by creation of an omnipresence of authority. In other words, crime prevention is best served by people seeing that uniform or that patrol car in the neighborhood. Hiding in the shadows and nobody knowing if you are the good guy or the bad guy is stupid.

It is my contention that Zimmerman, coupled with the Home Owners Association and the issuing authority for the weapons permit created a monster, that would serve only one purpose in the community, eventually Zimmerman would exceed his lawful authority as Neighborhood Watch and use that gun.

Treyvon Martin was not chosen for this situation because he was black, had a can of iced tea and skittles, or the recent burglaries in the area. A middle aged woman driving through the neighborhood too quickly could have just as easily been chosen. Why? Because Zimmerman was playing Cop. He wasn’t even playing good cop. He wanted to catch a bad guy. But, Zimmerman did not have the resources that Cops have. Zimmerman had resources, but he chose to act without waiting for the police to arrive.

And, that concludes our presentation for this afternoon.

Now, look the situation over for what it is. Do not create something not factual by adding racism or the label of Murderer to the mix, look at it as is. You have an overzealous wannabe cop and a young black kid. We have already accepted the fact that Treyvon Martin sees Zimmerman as a “Creepy Cracker.” This is not a racial slur, but a descriptive. Martin is saying what he sees.

Now, under the Stand Your Ground law, Martin fears for his safety and is not required to back away from Zimmerman. So, even if Martin did attack Zimmerman, Martin had not committed a wrong. As he approached Zimmerman he asked Zimmerman what his problem was, why he was following him. Zimmerman could have responded appropriately and said something to the effect of “Security” or anything that would identify him as a lawful authority for the community, but he didn’t.

Had Martin of beat Zimmerman down found his weapon and shot him with it and Zimmerman of been killed, the SYG law would have defended Martin. And, that would have been the end of that. Neighborhood Watch killed mistaken as a Thug with a gun. But, that did not happen. Because Martin lost. This does not mean Martin was the bad guy. It simply means he lost. The SYG law still applies.

Martin was killed due to negligence created solely by George Zimmerman, but provided or aggravated by the Home Owners Association and the agency issuing the weapons permit.  Why? Because they allowed Zimmerman an untrained individual to patrol their community in an unmarked car, in plain clothes, with a concealed weapon, to conduct himself in a manner not conducive with safety to the community.

Negligence killed Treyvon Martin, nothing more, nothing less. Believe it or not folks, people kill each other every day and it is not racial or premeditated. It’s just tragic, for all involved. 

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