Missing service dog found brutally beaten


Missing service dog found brutally beaten

Missing service dog found brutally beaten

If there has ever been a story to bring me to rage, this would be the one. Why do we humans continue to harm animals without cause. I do not mean stop hunting to feed ourselves, stop fishing to feed ourselves, or in self defense. I mean how can anyone harm an animal that serves humans without question.

This poor dog was beaten by humans, why? Because somebody is a coward. Somebody is nothing more than a little punk that hurt this dog. But, did he do it alone? I doubt it, since had he of done so, the dog would at least of tried to run or defend itself. So, who did it?

Do not worry, the dog will tell us. Someday, somewhere, this dog is going to see his attacker and will let us know that, there is the person that hurt me . . .

I hope the dog gets his due before his owner pulls him off you . . .

4 thoughts on “Missing service dog found brutally beaten

    • I believe the dog has been returned to the owner and is expected to recuperate and be fine in the near future. I however question the mental damage to the dog in relation to the dogs status as a “Service” dog. I hope all works out for the dog though, and I hope somebody finds the person that attacked the dog.


      • Howdy SSgt leslie,
        Thanks for visiting WHY? I have been reading your blog recently and enjoy it very much. I am an animal lover with (at this time) 1 cocker spaniel, 4 mixed bread rabbits, 2 cats, 1 rat, and 5 humans other than myself to care for. There is no love more genuine than that from a pet. They ask so little and give so much more in return. Thanks for writing.


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