Monster Faces Yet Another Teen-Death Lawsuit | InvestorPlace


Monster Faces Yet Another Teen-Death Lawsuit

Monster Faces Yet Another Teen-Death Lawsuit | InvestorPlace

Are you an Energy Drink Junkie? Are you aware that drinking Energy Drinks can possibly be hazardous to your health? There is growing concern that such is the case relative to the deaths of some teenagers that drank Monster on a regular basis.

The article is interesting but I have a broader discussion in mind. I know, “What is it this time?”

The youth of today are some of the brightest minds “unused” in history. Why aren’t you thinking? I am serious. Whenever you do anything, don’t you ask yourself if it is a good idea, a bad idea, if you can be hurt, if you will hurt others, or if it is something you will live to regret? As you pass from children to adulthood, this is landmark to your becoming an adult. This is the part where you think and make responsible decisions for yourself. This is the stage in your life that lets you decide what you are going to be. Use it, grow from it, but do not disregard it.

Key to this part of your decision making process is moderation. Do not do anything without moderation unless you are sure the result is what you want. How many parties have you attended where you witnessed a friend get drunk and act a fool. What is the friend remembered for? Being an idiot? How many friends have you known that are deceased today? Why?

Use your minds. Do you want to end up a victim of others? Do you want to be known as the Village Idiot? Do you want to be responsible for the injury or death of another? How do you prevent this? Moderation. There has never been a “cool” for being “slobbering drunk” or “stoned out of your gourd” and I do not believe there has ever been a “cool” for drinking anything in quantity that it can harm you. Yes, you can die from drinking too much water, believe it or not.

( I guess the idea of a youngsters death from a substance that is sold everywhere without restriction has created a pain in my frontal lobe. Believe it or not folks, when dealing with substances from salt to energy drinks unregulated by government, common sense and moderation a key to a good decision making process. )

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