Syria is a ’10-year issue,’ top general says –


Syria is a ’10-year issue,’ top general says

Syria is a ’10-year issue,’ top general says –

This is not a 10 year issue. This is a 0 year issue as the United States does not support countries that disregard “Human Rights” as the Islamic countries do. This ongoing disregard for women and children rights is an offense to the world, and why are we supporting a country that allows, no they ordered their women to allow being raped? Since when does America disregard human rights? What reason could we possibly have for being in any Islamic Country?

Our Government appears to be suffering from “rectal-cranial” inversion if they believe there is any crisis in any of the Islamic country that demands more attention than the ongoing abuses to women and children by gang rape and battery. This should be our Governments primary concern in dealings with the Islamic countries. Human Rights violations regardless of religious, sexual, or criminal contention is still a human rights violation. The animals committing these crimes are not just raping these women, but beating them severely and leaving many near dead.

So why are we in these countries? Seriously, why? Get us the hell out of there and let these animals do what they want to each other or put an end to the human rights abuse.

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