Marijuana Retail Chain Coming to Your Town? | Fox Business Video


Marijuana Retail Chain Coming to Your Town?

Marijuana Retail Chain Coming to Your Town? | Fox Business Video

If you do not think there is people lining up to profit from the retail sale of marijuana, you should watch this video. In this video an ex-Microsoft exec has plans for capturing 40% of the retail pot market.

A lot of folks are not really looking at legalization of marijuana the way it should be looked at. Marijuana is just like Alcohol and Tobacco, a high sales cash crop that could take this Country out of the red and into the black overnight.

The most ridiculous issue is the belief that legalization is going to create a society full of Pot-Heads. People that use marijuana are already smoking the stuff, few others will join them. Legalization will create so many taxable income jobs and the tax revenue earned just from resale taxes will be an exorbitant boost to our Government. I have to restate my opinion of the jobs to be realized. From agriculture to transportation, packaging, to distribution, and retail just to sell the stuff. Then the support and medical services that will surely become a secondary industry overnight. There will be so many jobs available that our unemployment benefits, income taxes, social security services will realize a strong increase in available monies. ( I probably didn’t say that as intended, so humor me. What I meant was we have such a high unemployment rate, these new jobs would reduce the strain unemployment has on our economy. )

I am not an avid smoker of marijuana. The stuff makes me laugh, eat, and sleep in that order. But, there are many people that benefit from the medical use of marijuana. This alone makes legalization a good idea. But, the best reason for legalization is the removal of the criminal control of the product. I for one, am damn angry that we dump millions upon millions into a failed “drug war” while the bad guys are making a fortune off the stuff. We need to take the market ourselves and the good guys make a profit for once. And, do not forget the sudden drop in violence that will be realized the moment legalization takes the product away from the criminals.

I realize my ideas are my own, and my opinion here may not be favorable to some. But, you  have to admit the idea of taking control of drugs from the criminals sure has a nice sound to it . . .

2 thoughts on “Marijuana Retail Chain Coming to Your Town? | Fox Business Video

  1. You know, I am pretty mixed about that subject. I know there was a time that alcohol was banned too. Now I don’t mind people having a drink or two, its the people that go overboard with any type of mind enhancers that tend to kill and hurt others with their own stupidity I don’t care for. I’m sure a lot less people were killed or hurt when there wasn’t as much alcohol available
    And though there would be more tax money, do you really think that will help the people today? Too many politions lining their pockets now. My opinion.


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