Police: ‘Documented gang members’ killed mother of 4 inside bake – FOX Carolina 21


Police: ‘Documented gang members’ killed mother of 4 inside bakery

Police: ‘Documented gang members’ killed mother of 4 inside bake – FOX Carolina 21

This story really sucks. This 33 year old gal has four kids at home. So, she works the graveyard shift at a local bakery so she can spend more time with the kids. She’s at work when a couple of real tough gangsters decide to come in and rob her, she ends up dead.

There is nothing good that can be said about this. Today’s gangsters are nothing more than little punks that play big men when another gangster is with them and one of them has a gun. If there has ever been the need for new laws, gang membership should be considered a good topic.

Like, why not make a new law that makes all gang members of a gang conspirators’ for any crimes committed by the gang? That way we could prosecute the whole gang at once. Or how about a law that holds the parent responsible for any crime committed by  their underage gangster child? Or better yet, let’s just treat all criminal gangs as terrorist threats and roll the military on them, roll them up and send them to Gitmo?

Regardless, something has got to be done about gangs. These youngsters now-a-day have no respect for life at all. Maybe law enforcement needs to recognize these gangsters for the threat they pose to every community and just kill the little fucks before they kill somebody. ( I know, I cannot say that but damn. What6 is going to happen to this gal’s children. What justification did these gangsters have for killing this woman that was all alone and there was two of them in the shop with her? ) It’s heart-breaking to see this degradation to our society. And, the realization that each and every gang member will harm another human being at least once before ever being caught just does not balance the books for a civil society.

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