Let’s Talk FLA vs. Zimmerman

Regardless the result of the Florida vs. Zimmerman case, in which George Zimmerman shot and killed 17 year old Treyvon Martin as Martin was walking home from the store, Zimmerman is guilty of “Negligent Homicide.”

First of all, drop the racial bullshit, it is not applicable. Next, stop thinking that Martin attacking Zimmerman makes a difference, it doesn’t. And, the idea that Zimmerman was a capable fighter or not is nothing but crap.

Start fresh and only two elements apply:

  • Zimmerman started following Martin in a unmarked car, in plain clothes, carrying a concealed weapon.
  • Martin later discovers he is being followed by Zimmerman whom he describes as a “Creepy Cracker.” From this point forward until George Zimmerman announces himself as “security” Martin is protected by the “Stand Your Ground” law.
  • The SYG law says Martin was allowed to confront Zimmerman, this is exactly what the law was intended for.
  • But wait! Zimmerman did not ever announce himself as any form of neighborhood authority. So, even if Martin the aggressor in the physical confrontation, Martin was fighting a “Creepy Cracker.”

Thus, Zimmerman’s failure to identify himself a neighborhood authority, is the negligence that resulted in Martin’s death. Zimmerman is guilty of “negligence” the cause of Martin’s death.

End of story! 

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