Nearly naked rape victim left outside as scared homeowners call 911 –


Nearly naked rape victim left outside as frightened homeowners call 911

Nearly naked rape victim left outside as scared homeowners call 911 –

What would you do if a nearly naked woman was knocking on your front door pleading for help as she had just been raped? Now before you say, “I’d open the door for her.” give it a  little thought.

You really do not know if the woman is a rape victim, or not. Is she there trying to set you up for a home invasion robbery? Is she there to do you harm? I asked a few friends what they would do, and learned I need some new friends as their response to the question was, “Is she good looking?” Yes, I need some new friends.

Anyway, what if she was at your door and you were elderly? A young single woman? A mother with your child sleeping in the bedroom? An off duty cop? A Doctor? A late for work Bus Driver? What if you lived in a rural area? An Apartment building? The Suburbs?

You see where I am going with this . . . For each of us our response to the situation would depend on our circumstances. But, what would be the best way to respond to the situation. A couple in Deland, Florida were in just this situation and were afraid to open their door to allow the woman in. They did however call the police and an arrest was made. The article offers some suggestions on how you might handle similar situations should something like this happen to you.

My best advice is for you to do what presents the smallest threat to you. Seriously. This is not the America of yesterday. We have danger at every corner in today’s America and you really cannot trust very many people, even of those you know, to be truthful and honest. So it is necessary that you either take every precaution or reconcile the threat you are willing to expose yourself to for someone else.  There is a great defensive tool that most of us have at our disposal, the telephone. If you want to open your home to a victim in such situation, make a call to the police prior to doing so. At least have their Dispatcher on the line so someone is able to come to your aid should it be necessary.

Check the article for some other ideas . . .

6 thoughts on “Nearly naked rape victim left outside as scared homeowners call 911 –

  1. You seriously need better friends. As a rape survivor, I would never turn my back on anyone who needed my help. If I should be victimized, so be it. I have help lots of strangers in my life men and women. I have no regrets.


    • Fortunately I have never been on either side of that door. It’s sad that a few people has made everyone so nervous to help those in need. One of my basic problems if you want to call it that, is I am too trusting in a lot of ways which has come back to bite me at times, but at the same time, I love it when trusting has been well worth it and I helped someone in need. I probably would have opened the door knowing how I am and then called the police. I know that you hear 1 horror story of something like this being a sham, but that shouldn’t stop someone from helping the other 98% that really need the help.


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