Cops say man stole IDs to fund 17 Disney vacations – Jul. 12, 2013


Cops say man stole IDs to fund 17 Disney vacations

Cops say man stole IDs to fund 17 Disney vacations – Jul. 12, 2013

Here’s a story that will just warm your heart. This gent really likes Disney World.  He likes it so much that he visited Disney World 15 times in 5 months . . . On other peoples money.

Imagine if you will, visiting your local Steak House, eating a borderline edible meal, leaving a gracious tip, and getting your identity stolen by the restaurant manager? Doesn’t that simply make your day? What sucks, is you probably have visited the same restaurant repeatedly over the past six months and were greeted by the warm friendly smile of the manager each time.

This is the society we have become. The lack of honesty and integrity from the top of our political structure to the hungry homeless guy panhandling on the corner, making 40k per year while you feel sorry for him. It is ridiculous, the dirt-bags are making a good living while the hard-working honest guy struggles day to day and barely squeaks by. I don’t know about the rest of you but this sucks.

My interaction with the Business world almost makes me believe there is no honesty at all in business. History shows us that although the technology existed to use alternative fuels for automobiles, patents for such technology were bought by either the auto or fuel industry’s to prevent their use. Laws that are advertised as being necessary for public safety usually have little to do with public safety, but somebody has discovered a way to profit by the passage of the law. Our Courts are little more than a place to hang a kangaroo. And, Public Servants are nothing more than cashiers offering little in return. Even our Top Secret Ghost system is wrought with employees of questionable integrity. You simply do not know who is the good guy and who is the con artist, because it has become acceptable to be a dirt-bag today in the United States. And, it appears not a single person cares.

Well I care! Hi this is Honest Al from Honest Al’s Broken TV Rentals, have I got a deal for you. (Okay, not really.  It just popped into my head to be a smart-a$$ while writing this article. I apologize.)

Can you imagine the world we are leaving behind us? Who is teaching our young the value of honesty and integrity for tomorrow? Will there even be such a thing tomorrow. Do not look to our religious organizations to provide such teaching, even they have integrity concerns to deal with. I hope something snaps us back to a respectful society again, because none of us will care for the society we are becoming and I really see no positive result from the changes on their way presently. 

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