Defense: Prosecution was ‘disgraceful’#/video/crime/2013/07/14/sot-zimmerman-don-west-disgraceful.cnn#/video/crime/2013/07/14/sot-zimmerman-don-west-disgraceful.cnn


Defense: Prosecution was ‘disgraceful’

Defense: Prosecution was ‘disgraceful’#/video/crime/2013/07/14/sot-zimmerman-don-west-disgraceful.cnn#/video/crime/2013/07/14/sot-zimmerman-don-west-disgraceful.cnn

Yes, the Prosecution was disgraceful,  but not for the reasons given by the Defense. The Prosecution was disgraceful because the law that allowed Treyvon Martin to approach Zimmerman was disregarded entirely. It was not even raised in the Court.

Treyvon Martin was protected by the “Stand Your Ground” law until such time as Zimmerman announced himself an Authority for the community, which he failed to do.

Zimmerman was Neighborhood Watch for the Community, but did not perform the task within the guidelines of the Neighborhood Watch program. How many other volunteers were in the program for this community? I do not recall hearing of anybody else in this community’s program. Zimmerman was conducting “patrols” as though a “Security Patrol Operator” but not within the legal requirements of the profession. This also was not discussed during the case.

There is absolutely no place in the United States where citizens are allowed to “patrol” the streets in an unmarked vehicle, dressed in plain clothes, and carrying a concealed weapon, licensed or not. There is no place in the United States that a citizen is Authorized to catch criminals. All forms of Security in the United States are intended to create an omnipresence of Authority in attempt to prevent crime from occurring.

As a Patrol Operator Zimmerman should have at the minimum been attired in some sort of clothing that demonstrated him an Authority for the community. This requirement is necessary to prevent residents of the community from being approached by persons not an Authority of the community. It also demonstrates to those with ill intent that somebody is watchful of the community. Failure to address this was ridiculous as there is no place in the United States that having a community patrolled by covert methods is acceptable.

The Prosecution of this case was disgusting because the fact that the community was being patrolled unlawfully allowing Zimmerman to be observed following Martin, there was no method for Martin to recognize Zimmerman an Authority for the community, instead Martin was followed by a “Creepy Cracker” causing Martin to fear for his safety.

Under the SYG law Martin was allowed to approach Zimmerman to ascertain why Zimmerman was following him as Martin believed Zimmerman to be anything other than an Authority for the community. And, if during this approach Martin observed Zimmerman to be in possession of a weapon, Martin’s defense would have allowed Martin to defend himself accordingly.

The only thing that could have caused the protection of the SYG law to be removed from Martin, allowing Zimmerman the right to “self-defense” would have been Zimmerman’s announcement that he was an Authority for the community. And, until such announcement made Martin had no reason or requirement to believe Zimmerman anything other than a Creepy Cracker and defend himself as necessary.

Simply put, Martin did not defend himself from a Neighborhood Watchman, but from a thug following him with a weapon with unknown ill intent. And, it matters not if Martin was a criminal himself as Martin also had the right to defend himself, standing his ground. Yes, the Prosecution of this case was not only disgusting, but negligent in a lot of ways.

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