Reuters TV | Zimmerman acquittal sparks protests


Zimmerman acquittal sparks protests

Reuters TV | Zimmerman acquittal sparks protests

Anger over Zimmerman acquittal.

Thousands of people of all colors march in protest of the acquittal of George Zimmerman, the Neighborhood Watchman that while playing cop killed Treyvon Martin as he walked home from a 7-11 Store with a can of Iced Tea and bag of Skittles.

Protests were observed in many major cities across the Country. People of all colors voiced their opinion of what they believe to be an unjust verdict. Many people gave cry to the belief the both the killing and the verdict racially motivated. Many suggested the verdict the result of poor prosecution of the case. But, all agreed the verdict did not provide adequate compensation for the death of Treyvon Martin a 17 year old that did nothing wrong and was most likely profiled by Zimmerman.

My opinion is that Zimmerman needs to be charged with operation of a Security Patrol Service without proper license or qualifications. Because NO WHERE in the United States is patrolling a community while driving an unmarked vehicle, wearing plain clothes, and carrying a concealed weapon, an acceptable practice. Zimmerman was playing Cop, but did not perform as a policeman would have. Zimmerman followed Martin leading Martin to believe he was being followed by a “Creepy Cracker” instead of announcing to Martin that he was an Authority/Security for the community. Martin likely went to his death believing he was in a fight with a “Crazy Cracker.”

One of the primary reasons for Neighborhood Watch is to be the eyes for local police departments in hopes of seeing a possible situation that may be leading to criminal act. Neighborhood Watch is never supposed to confront or apprehend criminals. George Zimmerman carry a lawful concealed weapon, which was un-necessary to perform the function of Neighborhood Watch. Neighborhood Watch is usually comprised of a group of neighbors throughout the community. Was there any other neighbors in the Neighborhood Watch that Zimmerman was part of? It is uncommon for Neighborhood Watch to work alone both for their own protection and as potential witnesses. Zimmerman acted alone, in the dark, without partner, outside of the authority granted him as a Neighborhood Watchman. Zimmerman either was a vigilante or performing a Security Patrol of the community without lawful authority.

I suggest that were the Federal Prosecutor to couple the conducting himself as a Security Patrol Service with the asked for civil rights violation of Martin’s death would call for additional criminal prosecution of Zimmerman. I could be wrong, but I do not believe so. Of course, it would be for charges other than Murder and the punishment less severe, but it may bring some justice to this travesty. The one thing Zimmerman should have done without question, is identify himself an authority for the community. Zimmerman’s failure to do so demonstrates specific civil rights violation and noncompliance with any authority afforded Zimmerman.

Another item to consider is the “Stand Your Ground” law, which actually served to protect Martin as Zimmerman was the aggressor from the onset. Regardless if Martin initiated the physical altercation, as Zimmerman had not announced himself an Authority to the community, Martin was still protected by the SYG law as he was “Standing His Ground” as allowed by law. The only way Zimmerman could proclaim “self-defense” would be subsequent to advising Martin he was an Authority for the community. Martin was within his rights to confront Zimmerman as he believed him to be a “Creepy Cracker” with possible ill intent. This was not properly addressed by the hearing.

I do not know if anyone of consequence will even read this, but there is no way that Zimmerman should have been able to walk away with a not guilty verdict during this case. His own testimony should have made him responsible for the death of Martin simply because Martin never knew whom, or what Zimmerman is. There is a reason why police do not patrol the streets in unmarked vehicles, in plain clothes, carrying a concealed weapon. You need to be able to tell the good guys from the bad guys, and Zimmerman did not tell Martin which category Zimmerman fit.

Frankly folks, it is just damn stupid. And, even if there is no other resolve, Zimmerman was the adult in the situation, and as such he accepted responsibility for whatever result his actions led to, by the act of following Martin in the first place. There is no way you can tell me that a 17 year old kid can be killed by an idiot playing cop, and the idiot getting away with it. That idea is simply not acceptable!

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