Juror: George Zimmerman was ‘justified’ in shooting Trayvon Martin – CNN.com


George Zimmerman was ‘justified’ in shooting Trayvon Martin, juror says

Juror: George Zimmerman was ‘justified’ in shooting Trayvon Martin – CNN.com

This headline alone, makes me want to puke my friggin guts out. The Court, the Prosecutor, the Defense Team, and the Jury has demonstrated  that they all have the common sense of a damned earthworm and little knowledge of the street or the law they practice.

Where was Martin’s defense? I am seriously asking everyone of the aforementioned idiots that question. Where was Treyvon Martin’s defense? Did it occur to you that Martin was justified in attacking Zimmerman? Because he was well within the law and should have been recognized as protected by the “Stand Your Ground” law as he was standing his ground against a “Creepy Cracker” that he believed following him with ill intent.

Until such time as George Zimmerman announced to Treyvon Martin the he (Zimmerman) was “Neighborhood Watch” or any form of Authority for the community, Martin was protected by the SYG law. He was allowed to approach Zimmerman, and if a physical conflict started it was because Zimmerman failed to tell Martin who he was.

You people with your racial crap and claims that Zimmerman broke no laws are just not seeing the big picture are you. Zimmerman was out there on our streets playing “Billy Bad-Ass Super Cop” with a gun and no badge. He did not follow the rules for Neighborhood Watch, he wore nothing to demonstrate himself an Official for the community, and followed people walking home in the dark. He was responsible for protecting the community, but he couldn’t do it as he was supposed to. He did it his way. His job was never to catch bad guys. His job was to observe and report to prevent crime. He was never supposed to perform an arrest or even come into contact with a possible suspect.

Zimmerman was supposed to prevent crime. You do not prevent crime by hiding in the shadows looking like a thug. You put on some sort of attire that makes you stand out so the bad guys sees there is somebody watching the neighborhood.

Treyvon Martin died while fighting a “Creepy Cracker,” not the Neighborhood Watch. Have you ever been or seen a situation where law enforcement pulls their gun on a suspect without the suspect knowing the cop a cop? George Zimmerman got his ass smacked because he did not tell Martin that he was security for the community. And, how was Martin to know if Zimmerman wasn’t a KKK member, a robber, a sexual deviant, or just some sicko following him.  He didn’t because that ass George Zimmerman DID NOT tell him who he was.

And, everyone of you idiots involved in the recent FLA vs. ZIMMERMAN Court Case should lose your certification/license to practice law for the rest of your lives because you have not done your jobs at all in this case.

Just so you understand . . . TREYVON MARTIN WAS JUSTIFIED IN ANY ACTION HE TOOK AGAINST GEORGE ZIMMERMAN UNTIL ZIMMERMAN IDENTIFIED HIMSELF AS NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH FOR THE COMMUNITY! And, to the dumb broad that believes Zimmerman’s heart in the right place, his arrogance and pompous posturing are the reason another person is dead today. A death he could have prevented had he of worn a uniform or used his voice to announce himself instead of screaming  like a little bitch in the dark. THERE IS A REASON WE DO NOT HAVE PEOPLE WALKING ARE NEIGHBORHOODS LIKE ZIMMERMAN, AND THIS IS WHY!   

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