Nantucket man wrestles with shark –


Shark wrestler becomes most famous man from Nantucket outside a limerick

Nantucket man wrestles with shark –

Gents, you think you got balls? Solid steel balls? Well , I do not have a clue the intensity of this guys testicles, but anyone climbs in the water to wrestle a shark . . . Got a lot more balls than me!

I have been in the water with sharks. And, I have never made it a point to get closer to the sharks for any reason. If the shark was between me and the boat, I’m walking to shore.  And, this guy talks about wrestling 5 a day. What? Is he nutz? You know that little shark in your  fresh water aquarium? Yes, the little 3” long thing that looks like a funny catfish? I might give wrestling it a try, maybe.

In all seriousness folks . . . I have known alligator wrestlers, pig wrestlers, and the occasional bronco rider but have never heard of a shark wrestler before now.

Wait just a minute here? How does this guy pin the shark? Who counts the pin to demonstrate the win? Great, another questionable Wrestling sport. It sure would be interesting to see this guy wrestle a shark into shore. Man talk about extreme sports! Do the Sharks have to train for the event? Do they have Agents? If the shark wins, all he gets is lunch, right?

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