Advise SNOWDEN that we DO NOT authorize his disclosure of information to anyone. | We the People: Your Voice in Our Government


Advise SNOWDEN that we DO NOT authorize his disclosure of information to anyone

Advise SNOWDEN that we DO NOT authorize his disclosure of information to anyone. | We the People: Your Voice in Our Government

Some of you folks may not be keeping up with the current events and Eric Snowden, the NSA Whistle Blower. In a recent news interview Mr. Snowden told the media that he took the job with the NSA Contractor to obtain evidence. This means that Mr. Snowden is not the hero many believe him to be. Mr. Snowden made a premeditated spy mission into the NSA and not for the the NSA’s tracking of U.S. citizens, but for whatever information he could acquire, with the intent to disclose his findings regardless the impact such has for the United States.

I am sorry folks, but Eric Snowden is nothing more than a traitor and a criminal with ill intent towards this Country. My problem with this is maybe Mr. Snowden has information that could seriously threaten the safety of the U.S.. This means tomorrow morning Snowden could disclose something that might just make another country angry with us. While I would like to believe it improbable, it is possible that the result could be an attack upon the U.S.. Now we are talking about this Snowden character endangering your family and mine.

I believe Mr. Snowden thinks that we as citizens of the United States support his efforts to disclose our Governments spy games. And, while he confined his disclosures to what he believes our Government has done wrong to us, even I was supportive of his actions. But, there is a BIG difference between snitching on the home game, and snitching to the opposing teams. Every Government plays spy games, every single one of them. You do not see the other Country’s banging on our door to tell us their secrets do you? Well, I have a problem with the fact that Snowden has stated that he intends further disclosure in the future. I for one, DO NOT want to wake up one morning to discover Mr. Snowden has disclosed information that threatens the safety of this Country, your family, my family, or anything U.S., and I do not want Mr. Snowden to operate under the belief that I support his actions concerning such disclosures.

So, this morning I started a Petition on the “Whitehouse” site asking our Government to advise Mr. Snowden that I DO NOT support his disclosure of any/all of the information he has illegally acquired from the NSA. That is the message I am trying to send to Mr. Snowden. In as much as I did not authorize the NSA to violate my rights collecting data, I also have not authorized Mr. Snowden to disclose any of the information he is in possession of.

I have no idea if this will convey the message I seek for Mr. Snowden to receive, but I believe it a necessary effort to ensure that Mr. Snowden knows my feelings on the matter. I know there has to be at least of few other than myself of this opinion. Please visit and sign this Petition

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