Boy, 6, accused of trying to steal bicycle, attacking police… |


Boy, 6, accused of trying to steal bicycle, attacking police officer

Boy, 6, accused of trying to steal bicycle, attacking police… |

This is a troubling story from the 15th of this month in which three children are caught by some folks while trying to steal bicycles. When the Police arrive, one of the accused children, a six year old boy makes a grab for one of the Officer’s guns. The Cop pulls the kid off his gun and puts the kid in the back of his patrol car where the kid continues to act out. So, the Cop has to gain control of the kid and handcuff him.

What is wrong with this picture?

  • The Kid is 6 years old
  • He is stealing bikes
  • He tries to grab a Cop’s gun
  • Acts out in the patrol car
  • Has to be handcuffed

What is wrong with this picture is “Parental Responsibility.” Why is a six year old doing acting like this? Because nobody is telling him this is not the way to act. Nobody is concerned enough about this youngster to set his head in the right direction, and it is very important that somebody does so.

From the second kids start their social life with others, parents are lucky if their children listen to or believe anything a parent says. As soon as children start doing things together, the first enemy is the parents. Within a very short period of time, suddenly parents “Don’t know nothing” becomes the norm. And, if the parent is really lucky, their child won’t commit a felony before graduation from high school. This is not a race thing, not a neglect issue, it’s is a peer group problem, and it is more an issue for the lower income communities than elsewhere.

From gang member influence, drug dealer influence, and at least one or two “hard heads” in every neighborhood, our children are pressured all day long to do as their peers do. The desire to fit in or “be cool” is so much a desire of our children that as parents, you will be lucky if you maintain any kind of influence on the way your child grows up at all. So, what to do?

I do know the answer to this question, and I am damn glad I no longer have children to raise as the world has changed so much from the world I grew up in. When I was a child, worries about who was going to break a window playing ball was a major concern. Today, who’s going to blow out a window doing a “drive-by” is the concern. I just know that as a parent, you have a responsibility to do everything you can to raise your child so he/she has a good start in life. This means getting away from the patterns that make being stupid “cool” to our children. The only cool about the stupidity our children exhibit today, is who gets to tell the bigger story about their dead relative and sooner or later we’ll learn there is not a dam thing cool about that.

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