70-year-old Man Marries 15-Year-Old Girl


70-year-old Man Marries 15-Year-Old Girl

70-year-old Man Marries 15-Year-Old Girl

The subject article is not new, but dates back to January of this year. Why I bring this to your attention, is because we, the United States, are providing aid and support to these countries that are ongoing “human rights” violations to women and children.

In addition to the gang rapes of women in a majority of the Islamic countries, they also take people in as slaves in a variety of ways. If you owe them a debt that you cannot pay, you may find yourself as a household servant. If your family owes a debt, they may offer a child up for such slavery. I simply find it unacceptable that these people find enslavement of others acceptable.

But, when it comes to selling your children for marriage to old men or others, this situation becomes so much more offensive. Why are we in Countries that violate human rights without concern for others at all. And, the fact that this conduct is continuing in the United States right beneath our noses and we are not paying attention. Check out the subject article. Would you find selling your 15 year old daughter to a 70 year old man acceptable? Do you approve of their enslavement of others acceptable?

Why are we in any of the Islamic countries?

4 thoughts on “70-year-old Man Marries 15-Year-Old Girl

  1. I don’t know too much about Islam’s bible, Koran or whatever they use as the base of their religion, but do you think the Islamists believe what they are doing is wrong? Not that I agree with what is going on, nor can I imagine someone taking advantage of another being, but at the same time we in the US have the freedom of religion. Perhaps we are respecting their religious beliefs. Just making an uneducated guess.


    • To a certain extent respect for their religion is an excellent idea . . . Until such respect is violation of provisions to every State Penal Code in the U.S.. We just do not allow slavery, selling others, debtors slavery, gang rapes, jihad, and imprisonment as a victim for reporting crimes. The fact is the little girl was sold by the family to this Viagra eating old fart for 20K. If I’m gonna sell any of the women in my life, it won’t be the young. It will be the old broads that I sell off.


  2. Then should we cut ties with every country that breaks our laws on their own soil? Again in no way shape or form do i agree with their idiologies or religious beliefs, or what they do to their womem and children, but the US should not force our laws on them. My opinion.


    • No. But, we should break ties with any Country that does not adhere to basic “human rights” of their citizens. We are not talking about traffic laws, or animal husbandry. We are talking about the savage attack or selling of human beings as they are property or less than human. The protection of the basic human rights is what this Country brings abroad. This is one of the primary reasons for bringing support to a foreign soil, to protect their human rights. Would you find it acceptable if I were to travel to their country, purchase a young girl, and bring her to the U.S. as my slave? Well, not only do they do this in their country, but they also bring their victims to this country.


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