150 minutes of terror: Richmond gang rape case | HLNtv.com


150 minutes of terror: Richmond gang rape case

150 minutes of terror: Richmond gang rape case | HLNtv.com

This case began in 2009 and just now is making it before the Court. For those of you not aware of this case . . .

During a High School dance a young 16 year old girl was gang raped for over two hours, during which time at least 20 passers-by observed the girls attack and did nothing about it.

And, that is my topic for this article. WHY THE HELL DIDN’T YOU DO SOMETHING? As far as I am concerned, everyone of the people that observed and did nothing were participants in the criminal act that almost killed this little girl. Why would you not do something about this situation? Would it have cost you too much, taken up too much of your time, made you feel human for once in your pitiful life, or did the idea of helping someone just not appeal to you?

This case disgusted me when it happened and disgusts me just as much now. I mean, didn’t this girl have any friends at the school? Even if she didn’t have friend in the world, are there no students that know the difference between right and wrong? Who reared these animals?

I am the type of person that if I hear or see someone in distress, I act. It matters not if I get directly involved, I at least notify somebody the situation exists. I simply cannot imagine just walking by this young girl while she was being attacked and not trying to stop it, or at least notify somebody that could. There used to be a law on the books that basically said, if you are a witness to a crime and do nothing, you are guilty of conspiracy of the crime and/or guilty of furtherance of the crime after the fact. I do not know if such law still exists but it should and everyone that just walked by and did nothing should be prosecuted for it.

Watch the subject video to be as disgusted with humanity, or lack thereof as I am. 

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